Passenger Manifests and Thanks - John Sammons
Subject: Passenger Manifests and Thanks
From: John Sammons
Date: March 25, 1999

First of all thanks to all of you who responded to my request for
information regarding James Sammons land grant in Craven County.  There are
so many James Sammons in VA and SC that they are hard to sort out and this
gent is an enigma.  We know that James IV was the father of Hansel Sammons
of Darlington but can't figure this one out unless he proved up the land
then went on to Sussex County VA.

Regarding the passenger manifests:  In November or December of 1869 my
grandfather John Hansel Sammons was a member of a party of 7 adults and 14
children who sailed from Charleston to Galveston.  Their trek started in the
Darlington District and their names were Thomas, Sexton and Sammons.  My
question is:  Is there a source of ship manifests that might list them.
Would like to tie that portion of the migration down if possible.

John Sammons - [email protected]

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