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Here are the lists Steven Coker put out. 

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I don't know of any site online that has "all" or even "most" of the ship lists
for passengers and crews.  There are many published and unpublished records
available in various libraries and archives.  But, they have not all been
digitized yet.  

For records focusing on South Carolina you should check the publications of the
SC Historical Society.  In particular the SC Genealogical and Historical

Also, you may find SC immigrants listed in various emigrant records in archives
of the country or port from which the ship sailed.  Sadly, the country of origin
may not consider such lists of much significance and may not give them as much
attention as records of those who remained in their country.  SC researchers
need to seek out and preserve these records in foreign hands.

For online information, try these pages for starters.


When I have the time, I'll try to create a section on the SCRoots site dedicated
to SC Immigration information.

Hope this helps,

Steven J. Coker

Jim Cunningham wrote:
> Have found that many colleges and universities of SC have various Passenger
> Lists, or so it would seem. However, we who are into genealogy know that it
> is a waste of time to "invent the wheel twice." Would any of you either have
> passenger lists which could be downloaded, or who could send me to the Site,
> Library, or other institution who may have a complete, or near-complete
> holding of passenger lists, focusing on SC ports, years 1750-1800. It has

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