Part3 Elizabeth - Wyatt & Anne Propst
Subject: Part3 Elizabeth
From: Wyatt & Anne Propst
Date: July 02, 1999

SIMMERING, Anna Marie                   SMITT, Baitus & Wife
        Hans George-5                   STRANG, John George & Wife
SHRADER, Julianna                               Rosina-7
SLEYE, Ulrich & Wife                            John George-3yrs 6 mos
        Henrich Conrad-12                       Anna Barbara-7 weeks
        Catherine-10                    STAYTHER, John Michael & Wife
SMIT, Adam & Wife                               Mary Barbara-12
        Briget-19                               Margarita-8 yrs 6 mos
        Jacob-13                        VITTINGER, George Frederick & Wife 
        Catherine-9                             Eva Maria-15
        Adam-4                                  Sophia Barbara-14
SMIT, John George & Wife                        Anna Maria-10
        John Samuel-20                  WARNER, John Jacob & wife
        Eva Sussana-18                  WARNER, Margarita
        John George-15                          Barbara-22
        George Frederick-13             WILDER, Anna Marie
        Barbara-10                      WILDER, John & Wife
        Anna Maria-5                            Angela-3 yrs 6 mos
STAAL, Jacob & Wife                             Johannes- 6 mos
        Jacoba Anna-21                  WEISS, Christopher & Wife
        Elizabeth-19                            John George-14
        Christiana-9                            Catherine-8
SWYGART, John & Wife                    WEIS, John George & Wife
        Anna Mary-11                            John George-12
        John George-9
        Anna Barbara-6

It is of interest that the list accounts for 263 persons(not including
those"bound out").  Determination has not been made on the usual capacity of
the the ship Elizabeth, but attention is directed to the "Petition of
several subscribers German" extracted from the same Journal which complains
that over-crowding was one of the breaches of contract.  Further research is
needed to compile a complete list.  It is noted that Jacob Beard was one of
the petitioning Germans, and since he is not on this List, there is a
probability that he was forced to "bind himself out" to pay for his passage
and will be found to apply for his bounty grant at a later date.

NOTE TO DEBRA-- "BOUND OUT" means to work for somebody for a specific amount
of time.  This was usually done to pay for passage or in some cases to earn
a "nest egg"  before going out to occupy their landgrant.  I am not sure
about the name change, but they have Anglizied(sp) the name upon arrival in
the new country.

I hope that some of you could find your ancestor on this list, but there
were many names that I could not figure out what the current translation for
it could be.
Good searching--Anne


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