part 2 Richardson,Morris,Terry,Daniel,Hubbard,Cook,Tanner - A.M. COADY
Subject: part 2 Richardson,Morris,Terry,Daniel,Hubbard,Cook,Tanner
From: A.M. COADY
Date: February 11, 1998

Part Two:

Other known things about the background of the TERRY'S 
and the MORRIS's and the David RICHARDSON families.

David RICHARDSON's wife's parents: Wm. MORRIS and
Sarah TERRY (dau. of Stephen TERRY and Sarah--) were md.
abt. 1777 in Turkey Creek, Chester SC.
The Stephen TERRY named in David RICHARDSON's will
was the son of John W. TERRY Sr. and Priscilla STOKES. 
Both of them died in Chester Dist. SC.--Stephen TERRY md.
Elizabeth Harrison HILL in Fairfield Dist. SC 4 Jul. 1809.

There is a will for Wm. RICHARDSON dated 23 Feb. 1816 in
Fairfield Co. SC. showing wife Izette; ch: Sarah, Malinda,
Eleanor, Amelia, James & Jackson.  Testators were: Joseph

I suspect this to be "my" David RICHARDSON. what was the
relationship bet. this David and the Wm. RICHARDSON who
died 1816?

In "Some South Carolina Genealogical Records" there is a
deed shown as follows:
RICHARDSON, David-no dower-to Enoch GRUBBS. Gr. 6
Sep. 1774--on dreans? of Sandy River and Little R. all Vac.
Wit: William CARTER (Cater?) John MOORE, George
ALSORN. Fairfield Deed Book-186-190. 11 Feb. 1783

Also: shown in Chester Co. SC records: quit claim deed from
Edward ALLEN to Ferdinand HOPKINS of Chester Co. SC.
Land -----------granted to David HOPKINS on 15 Oct. 1785
bounded by lands of Charles COLEMAN, David

I can find no mention of David RICHARDSON in any census
of Chester of Fairfield Co. SC, and yet the above entries say he
was there ( or at least "a" David Richardson was there!


Anne Coady
[email protected]


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