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Date: December 31, 1999

PARRISH, Henry	1786-1831  BERRIEN

HENRY PARRISH, ancestor of most of the name in Wiregrass Georgia, was born 
in South Carolina, January 27, 1786, a son of Henry Parrish, R.S., and his 
wife, Mrs. Mary Ann (Monk) Parrish.  His parents moved to Bulloch County, 
Georgia, while he was yet a boy, and he grew up and married there and lived 
there until his removal to what was then Lowndes but now Berrien County in 
1825.  He lived in Lowndes, now Berrien, County, until his death May 23, 
1831, at the age of 45 years.
Mr. Parrish was married in Bulloch County November 22, 1811, to Miss Nancy 
Williams, daughter of James Williams, R.S., (q.v.).  She was born July 30, 
1794, and died February 11, 1886.  To Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were born nine 

1. Elizabeth	b. 1813, m. Malcolm McCranie.
2. Mary E.	b. 1814, m. George Carter.
3. James	b. 1816, m. Tabitha Devane, daughter of Francis.
4. Ezekiel W.	b. 1818, m. Martha C. Wooten, daughter of Redden.
5. Josiah	b. 1820, m. Mary Sutton, daughter of John.
6. Ansel	b. 1824, m. Molcy Knight, daughter of William C.
7. William	b. 1826, m. (1) Rebecca Devane, daughter of Francis (2) Mrs. 
Martha Gaskins Connell.
8. Matthew A.	b. 1829, m. Sarah Giddens, daughter of Isbin.
9. Absalom	b. 1830, m. Mary E. Walters.  Moved to Arkansas.

Mr. Parrish settled in the present Berrien County community known as Lois. 
 Lois Cemetery is located on the old Parrish farm.  Henry Parrish's grave 
was perhaps the first to be placed there, and is the oldest marked grave in 
the county.  This territory was cut out of Lowndes into Berrien County in 
Mrs. Nancy Parrish, the widow, and Malcolm McCranie were the administrators 
on the estate.  In later years, the widow married Henry Peeples but there 
was no further issue.  She was a member of Pleasant Primitive Baptist 
Note:  Mrs. Florrie Parrish Hendry of Adel, became the first descendant to 
join the D.A.R. on descent from Henry Parrish, R.S.  She is a member of 
John Floyd Chapter D.A.R.  Her National No. 386789.
Note:  Hon. J. J. Parrish of Adel, in his book entitled "PARRISH" published 
1948, has traced all the descendants of Henry Parrish, the subject.

Census References: 1820, Bulloch; 1830, Lowndes.


Josiah Parrish, one of the commissioners named in the Act creating Berrien 
County to lay out and organize the new county, was born in Bulloch County, 
March 10, 1820, a son of Henry and Nancy Parrish (Vol. I). He came with his 
parents to Lowndes (now Berrien) County in 1825, and grew up there. He was 
married Nov. 28, 1839, to Mary M., daughter of John and Blansett (Davis) 
Sutton. She was born in Montgomery County, March 19, 1824, and died at her 
home in western Berrien County, Dec. 25, 1889. Mr. Parrish died Sept. 30, 
1899. To Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were born five children-

1. Emily	b. Nov. 20, 1840, m. Berrien Folsom.
2. Henry E.	b. Apr. 7, 1842, died single in C. S. A.
3. John A.	b. Feb. 18, 1844, m. Virginia Elizabeth McCranie, Feb. 19, 1875.
4. Absalom J.	b. Nov.	26, 1845, m. Jane Ellen Sineath, Dec. 10, 1864.
5. William W.	b. Sept. 3, 1848, m. Ist. Rosalyn Juhan, Apr. 3. 1870, dau. 
of Francis. 2nd. Martha  Webb Carter.

Mr. Parrish was a private in Capt. H. W. Sharpe's volunteer militia company 
in the Indian War in 1836. He served as a Justice of Inferior Court of 
Berrien County from 1865 until the court was abolished in 1868. His home 
and plantation was on Little River in Berrien County.

Census Refs: 1840, 1850, Lowndes; 1860, Berrien.


Matthew A. Parrish, son of Henry and Nancy Parrish (Vol. I), was born in 
Lowndes County, Feb. 17, 1829. He was married in 1848 to Sarah Giddens, 
daughter of Isbin and Keziah Knight Giddens (Vol. I). She was born in 
Lowndes (now Berrien) County, Oct. 2, 1828, and died in Berrien County, 
August 2, 1918. To her and Mr. Parrish were born eight children:

1. Amanda F.	b. 1848, m. Wm. H. Taylor, Oct. 16, 1867.
2. Mary M.	b. 1849, m. Wrn. S. Shaw, Nov. 6, 1870.
3. Nancy (Kizzie)	b. 1853, m. Robert O. Rouse, Dec. 9, 1869.
4. LydiaAnn (Julia)	b. 1854, m. W. P. McConnell, Nov. 21, 1869.
5. Aaron A.	b. 1856, m. Docia Rigell, Feb. 1883.
6. Sarah L.	b. 1858, m. Henry M. Cowart.
7. Susan Matilda	b. 1859, m. J. Evans Bryant.
8. William Bartow	b. 1861, m. Ida Shaw, dau. of F. M. Jr., June 29, 1884.

Mr. Parrish was a resident of that portion of Lowndes made into Berrien 
County in 1856, and into Cook County in 1918. He served as Justice of 
Peace, 663rd district, Lowndes County, 18501853. He enlisted May 9, 1862, 
in Co. "I", 50th Georgia Infantry Regiment, and was detailed to service in 
the Whitesburg (Ga.) Confederate Military Hospital. He was granted sick 
furlough and returned home where he died Oct. 21, 1862.
Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were buried at Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church in 
Berrien County.

Census Refs: 1850, Lowndes; 1860, Berrien.


Robert N. Parrish, prominent citizen of Berrien (now Cook) County in his 
day, was born July 17, 1806, in Bulloch County, a son of Joel Parrish and 
nephew to Henry Parrish (Vol. 1). He came with his Uncle Henry and family 
to Lowndes County about 1824-25, and was married there Feb. 14, 1828, to 
Nancy McCranie, daughter of Daniel McCranie (Vol. I). She was born May 31, 
1808, in Montgomery County, and died Nov. 13, 1879. They had the following 

1. Elizabeth M.	b. March 3, 1830, m. Norman Hughes.
2. Sarah Ann	b. Dec. 4, 1831, m. Wiley Mathis.
3. Joel Jackson	b. Sept.11, 1834, m. Martha Kirby, dau. of Wm.
4. Mary C.	b. March 7, 1837, m. John IF. Kirby, July 20, 1856.
5. John Franktin	b. Jan. 11, 1839, m. 1st. Melvina McCranie, dau. of 
Malcolm, March 17, 1858;
						2nd. Mrs. Caroline Bessant, sister to Nelvina.
6. Ansel LaFayette	b. Dec. 20, 1840, never m. Died Sept. 1, 1861, in C. S. 
7. Rachel Catherine	b. Sept. 1, 1842, died at age of 5 years.
8. Cynthia	b. July 28, 1844, m. Joel Hall Nov. 12, 1865.
9. Robert Marion	b. August 15, 1846, m. Blansett  Morrison, 1868, dau. of 
10. Archibald Wesley 	b. Mar. 11, 1848, w. Mary America Hutchinson, Jan. 
19, 1872, dau. of David G. (Vol. I ).
11. Emily Erwin	b. May 15, 1852, m. Leonard H. Crawford, 1878.
12. Joseph Putnam 	b. Mar. 31, 1854, m. Laura Crosby, Jan. 20, 1879.

Mr. Parrish with the erception of two years spent in the 1860s in Valdosta 
(where he was in the merchandise business), lived in Berrien (now Cook) 
County until his death Feb. 4, 1889. His home was located about sir miles 
west of present town of Sparks on the old Macon-Troupville public road 
better known as the old Union Road (plantation in recent years owned by 
Lewis Rentz), but he later sold that place and settled a few miles to the 
south where he had a fine plantation and lived until his death.
Robert N. Parrish was a private in Capt. Hamilton W. Sharpe's volunteer 
militia company in the Indian War in 1836, and suffered a slight wound in 
the engagement at Brushy Creek in present Cook County. He served as 1st 
Lieutenant, 776th militia district, Lowndes County, 1839-1841, and as 
Receiver of Tar Returns of Lowndes 1837'18. In 1856 he was cut out of 
Lowndes into Berrien County (territory placed in Cook County in 1918).
Mr. Parrish and his wife were members of the Primitive Baptist Church at 
Salem now in the City of Adel), and were buried in the church cemetery. He 
was originally a member of Midway Primitive Baptist Church in Irwin County 
but transferred by letter March 17, 1838 to Pleasant Church. His wife then 
united with Pleasant, Sept. 20, 1840, and was baptized. They transferred by 
letter May 17, 1859 to Salem Church.
Ansel L. Parrish, their son, enlisted June 14, 1861, in Co. 4111, 12th 
Georgia Volunteer Regiment (Infantry) and died of disease at Camp 
Alleghany, Va., in July, 1861.

Census Refs: 1830, 1840, 1850, Lowndes; 1860, 1870, Berrien.


William Parrish, son of Henry and Nancy (Vol. 1), was born in Lowndes (now 
Berrien) County, in 1826, and died at his home in Berrien (now Cook) County 
in April, 1864. He was married twice. His first wife was Rebecca DeVane, 
born 1831, daughter of Francis DeVane (Vol. I). By her his seven children 
were born. She died soon after the birth of their last child, and Mr. 
Parrish married Feb. 17, 1864, Mrs. Martha (Gaskins) Connell, widow of 
Thomas K. Connell. He died sir weeks later. The seven children were:

1. Henry J.	b. 1844, never married.
2. James F.	b. 1847, m. Ist. Elizabeth Lindsey, Feb. 26, 1871, dau. of B. 
F.; 2nd. Lula Hagan, 										Dec. 6, 1874, dau. of John F.
3. Margaret Ann	b. 1848, m. Berry J. Connell, Sept. 6, 1865.
4. William J.	b. 1850, never married.
5. Tabiths	b. 1852, m. Wm. J. Taylor. Moved to Florida.
6. Gilbert A.	b. 1856. m. Arkansas M. Lindsey, Oct. 28, 1876, dau. of B. F.
7. Rebecca Jane	b. 1859, M. William Hass Griffin, Dec. 8, 1878.

Mr. Parrish served as Tar Collector of Berrien County, 18571858, and as a 
Judge of Berrien Inferior Court 18-63 until his death ' His brothers, 
Ezekiel W, and Absalom Parrish, were the administra. tors of his estate. He 
and his wives were buried in the Lois Cemetery in Berrien County.
The Parrish home was in present Berrien County, on the paved road from 
Nashville by Pleasant Church, and became the property of the late W. Hass 
Griffin, about 1880, and he and his wife lived there until their deaths.

Census Refs: 1850, Lowndes; 1860, Berrien.

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