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Subject: Parrish of SC-POWG-6\last
From: gslat
Date: December 31, 1999

PARRISH, HENRY: The book "PARRISH" referred to, does not trace all the 
descendants as stated, but does trace most of them.

PARRISH, HENRY (p. 219): His widow was a member of Pleasant Church into 
which she was baptized Aug. 19, 1837. She was dismissed by letter (no date 
shown) as Mrs. Nancy Peeples.

PARRISH, ANSEL (p.222): The daughter, Amanda C., married John Madison 
DeVane, Dec. 10, 1883, instead of Mitchell DeVane. Though the Parrish 
family history book published a few years ago by Hon. J. J. Parrish of 
Adel, shows her husband as Mitchell DeVane, the marked graves of John 
Madison DeVane and wife Amanda C., in Pleasant Church (or Lois) Cemetery in 
Berrien county show her husband was not Mitchell DeVane, and her tombstone 
shows her maiden name as Parrish; and the Berrien County marriage records 
show her husband as John Madison DeVane, married on the date just stated.

PARRISH, EZEKIEL: Add to the list of children, a daughter, Minerva, born 
1815, married Enoch E. Mizell. They moved to South Florida.

PARRISH, EZEKIEL - VOL.VI: There was a daughter, Minerva, born 1815, who 
married Enoch Everett Mizell, son of David Mizell (Vol.III). They lived in 
Alachua County, Florida, and, later, in other Florida Counties.

PARRISH, WILLIAM HENRY - VOL.VII: He served as a member of the Board of 
County Commissioners of Bradford County, Florida, 1863-1867. This would 
indicate he was "cut" out of Columbia County into New River County (name 
changed to Bradford) in its formation out of Columbia County about 1858.

PARRISH, HENRY - VOL.VI: Henry was a son of William Parrish of Duplin 
County, North Carolina, not Joel Parrish as stated (see the Will of William 
Parrish as found in the Huxford Genealogical Magazine, September 1991 
issue, page 228). It may be that William and Henry Parrish were related to 
Joel but how is not known. Henry, son of Joel, was still alive in 
Spottsylvania County, Virginia in 1801 after Henry Parrish of Bulloch 
County was dead.

Contributed by: Robert J. Robinson of Quitman, Georgia.

PARRISH, HEZEKIAH - VOL.VIll: Hezekiah was a grandson of William Parrish of 
Duplin County, North Carolina, not Joel Parrish of Spottsylvania County, 
Virginia as stated.

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