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Hezekiah Parrish was a son of Henry Parrish (RS) and Mary Ann Monk Parrish, 
daughter of Melon Monk of Bulloch County, Georgia. He was the grandson of 
Joel and Mary Woolfolk Parrish, and the great-grandson of William Parrish 
of Duplin County, North Carolina. On December 16, 1802, Hezekiah married 
Nancy Cook, daughter of John Cook of Bulloch County, Georgia. To Hezekiah 
and Nancy were born the following children:

1. Henry Jackson	b. 1803,	m. Mary "Polly" Lewis, dau. of Jesse.
2. Mary "Polly"	b. 1805,	m. Augustus Miles Cowart.
3. Hezekiah H.	b. 1807,	m. Susan Jones.
4. Isaiah M.	b. 1810,	
5. Ezekiel J.	b. 1814,	
6. Josiah A.,	b. 1818,	m. Nancy Beasley.
7. Malachiah	b. 1822,

Hezekiah served in the War of 1812 as a Private from the State of Georgia. 
After Hezekiah married, he bought a farm on Fifteen Mile Creek in Bulloch, 
later Emanuel, County. Over the years, Hezekiah received several land 
grants and bought other lands and many slaves, and he became very wealthy.
In 1838, Hezekiah became ill, and could not take care of himself. Henry 
Jackson Parrish and Augustus Miles Cowart were appointed as guardians to 
take care of him. He later recovered.
In 1850, his wife, Nancy, died. On December 17, 1855, he married Rachael 
Daughtry. In his will, he made no arrangement for his new wife. When he 
died in 1859, there was a long court battle, in which the will was voided, 
and arrangements made for her care.
The estate of Hezekiah Parrish was over $50,000.00 and 18 slaves. The court 
case kept it from being settled for several years. The final settlement was 
in 1865, when the Civil War was over, and the slaves were freed.
Hezekiah never came to the Wiregrass area, but he had several grandchildren 
who did.
Contributed by: Robert J. Robinson of Quitman, Georgia.


James W. Parrish was born March 2, 1847, a son of Rev. Ansel and Molsy 
Parrish (Vol.IV). James was married in Berrien County, December 21, 1867, 
to Christie Ann DeVane, born December 7, 1849, a daughter of Thomas
DeVane (Vol.11). To James and Christie Ann, thirteen children were born:

1. William F.	b. 9/20/1868. d. 12/8/1875.
2. Mary A.	b. 9/10/1870, m. FLJ. McMillan.
3. James A.	b. 10/30/1872, m. Annie Bryant.
4. Mitchell M.	b. 11/30/1874, m. Henrietta Webb, dau. of W.W.
5. America Janie	b. 4/5/1877, m. 1) Joseph Smith, 	2) W.H. Hunter.
6. Timothy T.	b. 7/28/1878, m. Lessie Peters.
7. Ezekial C.	b. 3/22/1880, m. Mrs. Mollie Saussy.
8. Bessie R.	b. 9/22/1882, m. 1) Chester Parrish, 2) ??????? Sheppard.
9. Perry G.	b. 1/3/1885, m. never married.
10. Thomas H.	b. 8/13/1887, m. Velma Griner.
11. Molsy Viola	b. 3/18/1890, m. John H. Cherry.
12. Ethel Rosetta(twin)	b. 11/23/1894, m. Robert Cherry, brother to J.H.
13. Flora Luella(twin)	b. 11/23/1894, d. 12/12/1894.

James W. Parrish died June 5, 1916. His wife, Christie Ann, died May 13, 
1932. They are both buried at Pleasant Church Cemetery.


John Franklin Parrish was born January 11, 1839, in Lowndes County, son of 
Robert N. Parrish (Vol.III). John was married March 17, 1858, to Melvina 
McCranie, born in 1842, a daughter of Malcolm McCranie (Vol.11). To
John F. and Melvina four children were born:

1. Carrol E.	b. 2/12/1857, m. never married, killed by Doss Daughtery.
2. Morgan LaFayette	b. 3/13/1864, m. Jane Emma Folson, 1/8/1896.
3. Mollie H.	b. 4/3/1867, m. never married.  d. 7/10/1929.
4. Bobbie	b. 1870,  died in infancy.

John's first wife, Melvina, died about 1870. After her death, he was 
married August 20, 1871, to Mrs. Caroline Bessant, widow of William 
Bessant, and sister to his first wife, Melvina. To John and Caroline six 
children were born:

5. Allie L.	b. 11/26/1872, m. Ella Jones, 3/25/1905.
6. Lula R.	b. 1/27/1875, m. George W. Laney, 1/27/1901.
7. Haywood Bessant	b. 6/4/1879, m. Ruth E. Trotter, 9/11/1918.
8. Texas	b.10/9/1882, m. Henry S. Connell, 10/21/1906.
9. Bettie E.	b. 3/7/1884, 	died single, 1902.
10. Sallie Kate	b. 6/24/1887, m. E. Ross Slade, 1/3/1908.

John Franklin served as the Justice of Peace in the 1145 district, from 
1865 to 1869, and also from 1885 to 1889. John died March 15, 1920, and is 
buried at Sparks, Georgia.


Josiah Parrish was born about 1771, in Duplin County, North Carolina, to 
Henry (RS) (Vol. VI) and Mary Ann Monk Parrish. Soon after the war, Henry 
moved his family to Wilkes County, Georgia. After a few years there, he 
moved again and made his permanent settlement in Bulloch County, Georgia.
Josiah married about 1793, but neither his wife's name, nor the place of 
their marriage, is known.
About the same time that he married, he was serving in the Washington 
County, Georgia Militia as a Private under Captain John McKenzie.
His father, Henry, died in Bulloch County, in 1800. His estate was settled 
in 1802. Josiah purchased part of his estate.
On September 5, 1806, Josiah was commissioned a Captain in the Bulloch 
County Militia for the 45th district.
By 1820, Josiah was living in Camden County, Georgia. The census for that 
year listed him as "Joseph Parrish" 45 years and upwards, his wife 45 years 
and upwards, a son at least 16 years and under 26, a daughter at least 10 
years and under 16, a son at least 10 years and under 16, a daughter under 
10 years, and a son under 10 years.
Josiah and his first wife were the parents of at least ten children as 

1. Allen	b. ca. 1794, m. Martha Hagin, ca. 1815-1819. d. 11/??/ 1839, in 
Columbia Co., Florida.
2. Tyre	b. ca. 1795, m. Mary ????, ca. 1815-1819. d. 1861-1869.
3. Martha	b. 12/17/1796, m. John D. O'Steen, 9/13/1813, d. 6/17/1864. 
killed by Indians.
4. Ransom	b. ca. 1798, m. 1) Mary Bernell, 1/25/1821, 2) Mary Johnston, 
5. William H.	b. ca. 1802, m. Elizabeth ????, 2/14/1833.
6. (daughter)	b.	m. unknown.
7. Ezekial	b. ca. 1805, m. Mariah Faye, 6/2/1831. d. 8/22/1878.
8. Mary Ann	b. ca. 1809, m. 1) John Alford 0 'Steen, 2/14/1833, 2) John J. 
Branch, 9/13/1838.
9. Oden	b. ca. 1812, m. Nancy Cason.
10. (son)	b.	m. unknown.

Josiah was a fortunate drawer in the 1821 Georgia Land Lottery, but he did 
not take out this land grant. He let it revert back to the state, and it 
was later sold to the highest bidder.
Camden County Land Tax Records shows him paying taxes there until 1823.
Between 1823 and 1824, Josiah and his sons, Allen and Tyre, moved their 
families to Northern Florida, settling in Alachua County.
The 1830 Alachua County census lists: Josiah 50-60, his wife 50-60, a son 
20-30, a son 15-20, and a daughter 10-15, living near the Suwannee River, 
St. Mary's River, Olusty Creek, and St. Afee River. Josiah served in the 
Florida Indian Wars (1835-1842). His first service came when he was 
commissioned a Captain in his own mounted militia on May 22, 1836. Four of 
his sons, two sons-in-law, and two grandsons also served in this unit. 
After 4 months of service his militia was mustered out on September 22, 
1836, at Fort Mills. He was paid 324 Dollars for his Captain's Service.
The next day he enrolled in Captain William Cason's First Florida Militia 
as a Private. This unit was involved in some Indian fighting at Wahoo Swamp 
on November 21, 1836. This unit recorded that Private John Alford O'Steen 
was killed by the enemy on December 15, 1836, at Garry's Ferry. Mr. 
Parrish's service ended January 22, 1837 at Fort Mills, East Florida 
His service continued in Captain Cason's Militia. He enrolled as a Private 
on January 23, 1837, at Fort Mills and served 4 months and 14 days and was 
paid $91.74. His discharge took place on June 5, 1837.
His first wife died sometime between 1830 and 1836. He married September 1, 
1836 Mrs. Cassandra (Cassey) Cason, in Columbia County, Florida. She was 
the widow of Eli Cason (Vbl.VIII). She was born May 10, 1791 to John and 
Ada (Weeks) O'Steen (Vol.11 as amended in Vbl.VII and Vol.VIII).
The 1840 Census had Josiah and his family living in Columbia County, which 
was formed out of Alachua County in 1832. It lists Josiah 60-70, his wife 
40-50, a female 15-20, a male 10-15, and a female 10-15. The children in 
the census probably were his step-children from his wife's first marriage.
Josiah continued to live on his farm in Columbia County until his death on 
November 29, 1846. His widow lived with her son, James Cason (Vol.Vlll). 
She is listed in his household in the 1850 and 1860 census records.
Cassey Parrish received 160 acres of land from the government for Josiah's 
military service in the Indian Wars. She sold this bounty land to Abraham 
Mott. Her death occurred sometime after 1860.
Contributed by: Keith W. Parrish of Washington, D.C.

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