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Ansel Parrish, Sr., was born in Bulloch County, 1808, a son of Joel 
Parrish. He came to Lowndes County in 1825 with his brother, Robert N. 
Parrish (Vol.III), and in 1830 married Nancy McDermid, daughter of Angus 
McDermid. She was born Nov. 28, 1812. They had five children, viz:

1. Henry J.	b. 1832, m. Catherine Wilkes, dau. of Solomon.
2. Flora Ann	b. 1834, m. Daniel J. McCranie.
3. Polly Ann	b. 1837, m. John D. Wilkes.
4. Ezekiel A.	b. 1838, m. 1st. Elizabeth A - -divorced 1869; 2nd. Mary 
McClellan, 1870.
5. John A.	b. 1840, died single in C.S. Army, 1863.

Mr. Parrish served as 2nd Lieut., 776th district, Lowndes County, 1830-33, 
and as a private under Capt. Hamilton W. Sharpe in the Indian War in 1836. 
He died about 1848 and was buried in Brushy Creek Cemetery in present Cook 
County. His home and farm was about three miles northeast of the present 
city of Adel, Cook County. He and his wife were members of Pleasant 
Primitive Baptist Church, into which they were baptized Sept. 20, 1840. 
Note: The Parrish home was in Lowndes County until 1856 when Berrien County 
was created, and remained in Berrien until 1918 when Cook county was formed 
out of Berrien.
Mrs. Parrish married Joshua W. Lovett, Sr., Aug. 22, 1860 but had no 
further issue. She died March 19, 1901, and was buried in the Adel 


James Parrish was born in Bulloch County, March 19, 1816, son of Henry 
Parrish. He was brought by his parents to Lowndes (now Berrien) County 
about 1825, and was married there in 1837 to Tobitha DeVane, daughter of 
Francis DeVane (Vol.D. She was born in Bulloch County, May 28, 1822 
(tombstone date says May 28, 1827 which is incorrect). To them were born 
eleven children, viz:

1. Ezekiel	b. Aug. 30, 1838, m. Mary Ellen Belote, Dau. of Alfred.
2. Mary	b. June 23, 1840. m. Eli A. Futch.
3. Wealthy Ann	b. Aug. 23, 1842, m. B. F. Lindsey, Mar. 9, 1865.
4. Priscilla Ann	b. Feb. 5, 1845, m. John W. Futch, Nov. 5, 1868.
5. Nancy	b. Nov. 14,1846, m. John W. Futch, Feb. 2,1874.
6. Henry Francis	b. June 7, 1849, died single, Oct. 9, 1870.
7. William Elbert	b. Apr. 7, 1851, m. Martha E. Strickland, May 10, 1876.
8. Guilford Erwin	b. Mar. 17, 1853, m. Nancy Crumpler, Oct. 27, 1877, dau. 
of John J.
9. Rebecca	b. Sept. _ 1855, m. Thomas M. Futch, Mar. 22, 1874.
10. James Warren	b. July 18, 1857, m. Molsy Parrish, Feb. 24, 1878, dau. of 
11. Missouri	b. July 31, 1862, m. Nehemiah Butler.

Mr. Parrish owned lots of land 367, 368 and 369 in the 10th district of 
Lowndes County but which was placed in Berrien County when it was made 
partly out of Lowndes in 1856. He died there Oct. 17, 1864, and was buried 
in nearby Pleasant Church cemetery. A dowry was granted the widow out of 
these lands at the March Term, 1876, of Berrien Superior Court. She died 
there Feb. 14, 1897, and was buried by her husband.
Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were members of Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church into 
which they were baptized June 18, 1842. They died members. He served in the 
Indian War in 1836 in Capt. Hamilton W. Sharpe's militia company.


Crawford Parrish was born in Camden County, Oct. 5, 1811, son of Ezekiel 
and Elizabeth Crawford Parrish. He was married in Nassau Co. Fla., in 1841 
to Mary VanZant, born there Feb. 24, 1822, daughter of Garrett VanZant and 
his wife Mary Haddock. They had nine children, viz:

1. Garrett VanZant	b. June 30, 1842, died 1864, single.
2. William Frink	b. Aug. 11, 1844, m. Missouri J. Goodbread, dau. of Jacob 
3. Julius H.	b. Feb. 9, 1846, m. (unknown).
4. Crawford P.	b. Nov. 23, 1847, m. Ella Lowery of Thomasville, Ga., 1875. 
Then moved to Manatee Co., Fla.
5. Elizabeth	b. July 27, 1852, m. Thomas K. Spencer.
6. Mary M.	b. March	1, 1854, m. 1st. Wesley Henderson; 2nd. Marcus Giddens.
7. John	b. Jan. 18, 1857, m. Margaret Yates.
8. Sowder	b. Jan. 2, 1860, m. Sarah Harrison.
9. Garrett VanZant	b. Aug. 15, 1864, m. Carrie Reid.

After marriage Crawford Parrish lived in Nassau County, Fla., a few years, 
then moved to Hamilton County, Fla., where he lived until his death about 
1870. He served as an ensign in the Camden county militia, 270th district, 


Ezekiel Parrish was born in North Carolina in 1779, a son of Henry Parrish, 
R.S. He left home before he was grown and went to Camden County where he 
married and lived until his death in 1832 or 1833. His wife was Elizabeth 
Crawford, born 1781, daughter of John Crawford of Camden county. They had 
the following known sons (there were possibly two or three daughters but 
names unknown):

1. Ransom	b. 1900, m. (unknown).
2. Tyre	b. 1803, died single in Bradford Co. Fla., 1863.
3. Ezekiel, Jr.	b. 1805, m. Mariah ------- Died in Bradford Co. Fla.
4. William Henry	b. 1809, m. Louisa ------
5. Crawford	b. 1811, m. Mary VanZant, dau. of Garrett.
6. Jonathan	b. 1813, m. Eliza ------
7. John S.	b. 1814, m. Harriet -------

Ezekiel Parrish died in Camden county, and his widow died there Aug. 25, 
1840. The sons, Ransom, Tyre, Ezekiel Jr., were in Alachua County, Fla., in 
the 1830 Census, and the son John S., moved to Alachua County in the 1840s; 
these lived in and around Waldo in that county. Crawford Parrish moved to 
Hamilton County, Fla., about 1845, after marrying and living in Nassau Co. 
Fla., a few years; and the sons William H., and Jonathan Parrish were still 
in Camden county in 1850 Census but moved to Columbia County, Fla., soon 


Henry Parrish, the Revolutionary War ancestor of the Parrishes of South 
Georgia and Florida, was born in Spottsvylvania County, Va., about 1740, a 
son of Joel Parrish who died there testate in 1791. Henry Parrish about 
1770 married MaryAnn Monk, born 1748, and they had ten children (order of 
birth uncertain):

1 . Josiah	b. cl771, m. (unknown). In Camden Co., 1820.
2. Jerushia	b. 1773, m. William Monk R.S., cousin (Vol.1).
3. Hezekiah	b. c1776, m. Nancy Cook, Dec. 16, 1802. In Emanuel Co. 1820.
4. Ezekiel	b. 1779, m. Elizabeth Crawford, dau. of John.
5. Mary	b. c17811, m. John Lord, July 3, 1802. In Washington Co. 1820.
6. Joel	b. c1783, m. 1st. (unknown); 2nd. Elizabeth Rowe, Aug. 1, 1812.
7. Henry (Vol.l)	b. 1786, m. Nancy Williams, dau. of James (Vol.l).
8. Mourning	b. c1787, m. James Warren, Nov.29, 1809, Montgomery Co.
9. Ansel	b. 1789, m. Nancy Holloway in Bulloch Co., Feb.26,1814.
10. Absalom (Vol.IV) 	b. 1796, 	m. 1st. Polly R. Williams; 2nd. Elizabeth 

Henry Parrish moved to New Hanover Co. N.C., but whether before or after 
marriage cannot be determined. He served three years in the North Carolina 
Continental Line for which he was paid by the State of North Carolina, and 
also granted bounty-land there. Soon after the war he moved to Wilkes 
County, Ga., where he granted 200 acres of land and also in 1787 bought 92 
acres more on the Opechee River, from Benjamin Few. A few years after he 
moved to Bulloch County where he lived until his death. His will dated June 
23, 1800, was probated June 30, 1800, so that he died between those dates. 
Executors of the will were his wife MaryAnn, John Daughtrey and Jacob 
Mincy. The will gave his estate to his wife for her lifetime, then to be 
divided between the ten children above named.
Mrs. Florrie Parrish Hendry of Adel, was the first descendant of Henry 
Parish to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution on 
the record of his service; she became a member in 1949, and is a member of 
John Floyd Chapter, and her National Number is 386789. She descends through 
the son, Henry (Vol. 1).

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