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Elder Ansel Parrish was one of the ablest and best-known Primitive Baptist 
ministers in his day for over thirty-five years prior to his death. He was 
considered a great power in the church as well as out of the church. He was 
born in Bulloch County, July 7, 1824, a son of Henry and Nancy Parrish 
(Vol.1). He was married Dec. 15, 1842, in Lowndes (now Berrien) county, to 
Molsy Knight, born Nov. 7, 1826, daughter of William Cone Knight (Vol.111). 
To them were born sixteen children, viz:

I. Rachel	b. Oct. 19, 1844, m. Henry C. Connell, Aug. 22, 1866.
2. Elizabeth	b. Nov. 25, 1845, m. Marion Register, Jan. 10, 1869.
3. James W.	b. March 2, 1847, m. Christina DeVane, dau. of Thos.
4. Nancy E.	b. May 17, 1847, m. Sylvanus D. Shaw, Dec. 9,1866.
5. Mary E.	b. June 21, 1849, m. John Lee, Apr. 16, 1865.
6. William Henry	b. Apr. 25, 1851, m. Hester Jane Gibson, Dec. 26, 1899.
7. John A.	b. Apr. 25, 1853, m. Susan Mathis, Apr. 23, 1876.
8. Sarah L.	b. Oct. 17, 1854, m. Wm. Register, Apr. 2, 1874.
9. Ezekiel C.	b. Nov. 3, 1856, m. Martha Luanna Shaw, dau. of Martin, Jr.
10. Molly K.	b. Aug. 28, 1858, m. James Warren Parrish, Feb. 24, 1878.
11. Martha K.	b. May 20, 1860, m. Aaron Knight, Oct. 28, 1877.
12. Josiah A. J.	b. June 6, 1861, m. Mollie Wilkes, dau. of A. D.
13. Jesse A.	b. Apr. 21, 1864, m. Celesta Indiana Shaw, May 21,1890.
14. Amanda C.	b. Feb. 21, 1866, m. Mitchell DeVane, Dec. 16, 1883.
15. Naomi	b. Nov. 27, 1867, m. Thomas I. Griffin.
16. Alderman B.	b. Feb. 7, 187.1, m. Sallie Grimes.

Elder Parrish was first converted and united with Pleasant Church in 
Lowndes (now Berrien) county, Aug. 19, 1843, and was baptized. Mrs. Parrish 
followed him into the church and was baptized November, 1847. He was 
ordained a deacon in his church, Feb. 2, 1848, and served in this office 
until be was licensed to preach, Jan. 17, 1852. Two years later, March 19, 
1854, he was ordained to the full Gospel ministry by a presbytery composed 
of Elders Wm. A. Knight (Vol.1). J. B. Smith and J.E.W. Smith. From then 
until his death, Jan. 16, 1891, his was a very busy and fruitful ministry 
among the Primitive Baptist churches in Berrien and adjoining counties. 
11is first cousin, Elder E. J. Williams, was pastor of Pleasant Church when 
he (Elder Parrish) was ordained and continued as such until 1881 when he 
declined re-election; thereupon Elder Parrish was called. He continued as 
pastor of his home church until his death. At the time (1881), he was 
already serving Cat Creek Church in Lowndes county, and in April, 1881, he 
was called as pastor by. Friendship Church near Hahira, also Salem Church 
in Adel. These four churches he continued to serve as pastor until his 
death thirteen years later. He also served as Moderator of the Union 
Association several years.
Elder Parrish owned a large tract of land in Berrien county, and gave each 
of his sons a farm when they married.
Mrs. Parrish died June 25, 1897. She and her husband were buried in the 
Lois Cemetery near Pleasant Church.


Absalom Parrish was the youngest of the sons of Henry and Mary Ann Monk 
Parrish of Bulloch county, and was born there Oct. 24, 1796. He was a 
brother of Henry Parrish (Vol,I). Hewas married twice. The first marriage 
was on Oct. 8, 1820, to Polly R. Williams, born May 7, 1797, died Nov. 19, 
1825, daughter of James Williams, R.S., (Vol.1). By her three children were 

1. Nancy	b. Aug. 24, 1821, m. John R. Beasley.
2. Henry	b. Sept. 19, 1823, m. Wealthly Franklim
3. Griffin W.	b. July 31, 1825, m. Annie Lanier, June 15, 1857.

The second wife was Elizabeth Green of Bulloch county, born June 17, 1807; 
married 1826. By her eleven children were born, viz:

4. Jincy (Jane)	b. Feb. 19, 1827, m. Timothy Bland, Sept. 4, 1845.
5. Ezekiel	b. Nov. 15, 1828, m. Sarah H. Jones, dau. of Basil.
6. Malachi	b. Oct. 30, 1830, m. 1st. Catherine Lanier; 2nd. Henrietta 
7. Mary or Polly	b. Mar. 15, 1833, m. Elisha Bowen Jones.
8. Ansel	b. June 19, 1835, died Dec. 31, 1835.
9. Timothy	b. Dec. 11, 1836, died Sept. 5, 1846.
10. Daniel	b. Apr. 22, 1839, m. Jemima Mathis, Dec. 3, 1862, dau. of David 
11. Matthew	b. Feb. 24, 1842, died Jan. 5, 1843.
12. Ann Sophronia	b. Mar. 27, 1844, m. James M. Monroe.
13. Clement	b. May 27, 1847, died single In C.S. Army.
14. William Emmet	b. Oct. 15, 1850, m. Hattie Oliff, 1870.

Of the foregoing children, Ezekiel and Daniel and Mrs. Monroe moved to 
Berrien county.
Absalom Parrish and his two wives were members of Upper Lott's Creek 
Primitive Baptist Church, Bulloch county, and were buried in the cemetery 
there. He died 1875.


Ezekiel Parrish was born Nov. 15, 1828, in Bulloch county, son of Absalom 
Parrish. He was married there Nov. 2, 1848, to Sarah H. Jones, born 'Sept. 
13, 1840, died March 29, 1922. He parents were Basil Jones and Deborah 
Bowen Jones, and her grandfathers were Bridger Jones (Vol.Ill) and Elisha 
Bowen. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were eight children, viz:

I. William Bland	b. June 7, 1853, m. Mary B. Gandy, Feb. 18, 1886.
2. Ann Cornelia	b. May 2, 1855, m. Hiram Mathis, 1872.
3. Angeline Belzora	b. June 29, 1857, m. Ist. Geo. Mathis; 2nd. A. P. 
4. Elizabeth J.	b. Aug. 2, 1861, died single Jan. 9, 1889.
5. Deborah Ann	b. Jan. 3, 1866, m. Julian H. Parrish, Feb. 8, 1983.
6. Penny E.	b. Feb. 18, 1870, m. Talbot S. Miller, Oct. 8, 1890.
7. John Bryant	b. June 14, 1872, m. Aurilla. Frances Davis, 1893.
8. Mary E.	b. May 16, 1877, m. Fulton A. Davis, Dec. 22, 1892.

Mr. Parish continued to live in Bulloch county until about 1880 when he 
moved to Berrien county and bought a farm and settled in the portion now in 
Cook county. About ten years later he sold out and moved to Thomas county 
where he lived until his death, April 16, 1900.


Ezekiel W. Parrish was born in Bulloch county, Feb. 16, 1818, a son of 
Henry Parrish (Vol.I). He was married Dec. 4, 1839, in Thomas county, to 
Martha C. Wooten, daughter of Redden Wooten (Vol. II). She was born in 
Telfair county, April 23, 1823, and died June 22, 1872. Born to them were 
eleven children:

1. Nancy E.	b. 1840, m. John E. Edmondson, Nov. 24, 1858.
2. Redden Byrd	b. 1843, died single in C.S. Army.
3. Ansel A.	b. 1846, m. Mary E. Peeples, dau. of R. A. (Vol.	lll), July 6, 
4. James H.	b. 1848, m. Rebecca Crumpler, dau. of John J.
5. Joel Wooten	b. 1849, m. Sarah J. Alderman, Feb. 5, 1871, dau. of James.
6. Matthew R. A.	b. 1851, m. Mary E. Giddens, Oct. 1, 1874, dau. of Aaron.
7. Mary A. A.	b. 1853, m. Joshua Polk Lovett, 1872.
8. Ezekiel W. J	b. 1856, died young.
9. Martha Malissa	b. 1858, m. J. F. Passmore.
10. John E. W.	b. 1860, died single.
11. Absalom B.	b. 1862, died May 27, 1882, single.

Soon after marriage, Mr. Parrish settled about one mile from the present 
village of Cecil in what was then Lowndes, later Berrien but now Cook 
County. In 1864, he sold out there and moved to his lands about five miles 
From Hahira in Lowndes county, where he owned 1700 acres. He built a new 
home there and lived there until a few years after his wife's death. His 
last years were spent with his daughter, Mrs. Passmore, in Valdosta, where 
he died, Sept. 1, 1887. He and his wife were buried at Pleasant Church, 
Berrien county.
Mr. Parrish was a private in the Indian War in Capt. H. W. Sharpe's company 
of Lowndes county militia.
The son, Redden Byrd Parrish, enlisted Oct. 1, 1861, in Co. "D", 29th 
Georgia Regiment, C.S.A., and died of measles at Darien, Ga., Dec. 17, 
1861, while the company was training in camp.

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