Parris Island Information Needed - Southusa
Subject: Parris Island Information Needed
From: Southusa
Date: July 08, 1999

Hi List Members,
     I recently sent this letter with the subject line "Spanish American 
War". I am sending it again, this time using "Parris Island" as the subject 
line, in hopes I may get a response from someone who may have a particular 
interest or connection to Parris Island. Forgive the repetition, if you've 
already read it.

Dear List Members,
     I have a picture of my Grandfather, William Melvin Davis (b. 1877, 
d.1954, from Grahamville, Jasper Co., SC), and the troop who served with him 
in the Spanish American War.
At the top of the picture are the words:
     On Parris Is., S.C.
     June 3, 1898
     B.V.A. Naval Reserve
Does anyone know what BVA means? My uncle says it might mean Beaufort 
Volunteer Auxilary, but he's not sure.
     I plan to visit the museum at Parris Island this summer to solve this 
mystery and see if they would like a copy of the picture.
Patricia Davis Runey
Charleston, SC

P.S.   Today I called the museum (843) 525-2951, but they didn't know the 
meaning of B.V.A. They would like a copy of the picture, though.

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