Fwd: Parker Family - Edward L. Manigault
Subject: Fwd: Parker Family
From: Edward L. Manigault
Date: October 23, 1999


So sorry I did not properly identify the Parker family in the Oct. 22
message below. They were primarily from the Charleston area and vicinity. I
have had several queries about Parkers from Virginia down the coast through
Georgia. These Parkers married with the Middleton and Drayton and many other
Charleston area families.

I apologize for misleading anyone.


Date: Friday, October 22, 1999 2:59 PM
Subject: Parker Family

I am most interested in sharing what data I have on the family of  John
>Parker (1735-1802) and Mary Daniel (1736-1807),  descendants and ancestors.
>I am directly descended from them and would like to verify and increase the
>data that I already have.
>Edward Manigault

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