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Subject: Parish of St. Thomas & St. Denis
From: URQ5
Date: April 22, 1998

The church of St. Thomas & St. Denis Parish is located in the vicinity of the
current Detyens Shipyards, northeast of the city of Charleston in an area
called Cainhoy.  The Parish of St. Thomas was laid out in 1706. It was the
parish church of many of South Carolina's French Huguenots. Unfortunately many
of the settlers of "the French Quarter" were unable to follow the English
service, so the Parish of St. Denis was established to accomodate them. The
two parishes were later combined. The original church structure was destroyed
by a forest fire in 1815. The current structure was built circa 1820 in the
Greek Revival style.

 The nearby church cemetary has several dozen graves.  The records of the
parish have been published as The Annals and Parish Register of St. Thomas and
St. Denis Parish in South Carolina, from 1680 to 1884, Collected and arranged
by Robert F. Clute, Rector, Walker, Evans & Cogswell, Charleston, SC, 1884. 

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