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Henry Parrish was born in Emanuel County, July 12, 1835, a son of Henry 
Jackson Parrish and wife Polly Lewis, and grandson of Hezekiah Parrish and 
great-grandson of Henry Parrish, R.S., (q.v.). He was married in Emanuel 
County to Ellen Gay, born Feb. 14, 1833 in that county. They had ten 
children, viz:

1 . James	b. 1857, m. Georgia Ann Pearson, dau. of Green.
2. Nancy Ann	b. 1859, m. George Rentz, son of Peter.
3. Cyrus	b. 1861, m. Salena Rentz, dau. of Peter.
4. Emaline	b. 1863, m. Wm. P. Rentz, son of Peter.
5. Althea	b. 1866, m. Henry J. Valentine.
6. Zachary	b. 1868, m. Charlotte Moore, dau. of Wm.
7. America	b. 1870, m. Melton Chitty.
8. Sarah	b. 1873, m. Preston B. Cowart, Dec. 11, 1890.
9. Mary Jane	b. 1874, m. Harris C. Davis, son of Levin.
10. Jefferson F.	b. 1878, m. Ida Moore, dau. of William.

Henry Parrish grew up in Emanuel County but later lived in Bulloch county 
where he was a farmer. In 1869 he moved from Bulloch to Lowndes County, 
shortly afterwards moving to Echols county where he bought a farm and lived 
until his death May 27, 1923. His wife died April 9, 1918. They were buried 
at Wayfare Church.
Mr. Parrish was a member of the Echols Board of County Comn-dssioners, 
1877-1881, and was Receiver of Tax Returns of Echols county, 1897-1899. He 
was also a member of the Echols County Board of Education from December, 
189 1, to December, 1898.


Joel Jackson Parrish was born Sept. 11, 1834, in Lowndes (later Berrien but 
now Cook) County, son of Robert N. Parrish (Vol.111). He was married Aug. 
27, 1857, in Berrien county, to Martha J. Kirby, daughter of William and 
Amy Kirby (Vold). She was born Feb. 22, 1835, and died Oct. 24, 1893. To 
them were born eight children:

1. Florence A.	b. June 23, 1858, m. Joseph A. Phelps, May 16, 1878.
2. Julian Hartridge	b. Sept. 9, 1860, m. lst. Deborah Parrish, Feb. 8, 
1883, daughter. of Ezekiel (Vol.IV); 2nd. Mamie E. Walsh, July 1. 1919.
3. Maggie Lee	b. Oct. 24, 1864, m. lst. James J. Hodges; 2nd. A.W. Buck.
4. James Lawton	b. Dec. 7, 1866, m. Sarah Elizabeth Connell, dau. of Wm. E.
5. Mattie	b. Apr. 25, 1869, died single.
6. Arlie A.	b. Sept. 14, 1871, m. Minnie Lee Roberts, Feb.2, 1896.
7. Sarah Amy	b. Aug. 15, 1874, m. J.W. Bearnguard, May 14, 1902.
8. Lula Nancy	b. Mar. 22, 1877, m. James Thomas Adams, Oct. 30,1901.

Mr. Parrish lived his entire life in present Cook county, the territory 
being Lowndes County until 1856 when Berrien County was made, and then 
Berrien until 1919 when Cook county was made entirely out of Berrien. He 
served as County Surveyor of Berrien county, 1858-1862, and was Clerk of 
Berrien Superior Court, 1864-66. He was Justice of Peace in 1145th 
district, 1881-1885, and ex-officio Justice in same district, 1897-1915. He 
was the first Postmaster at Adel and served several years in that capacity 
in the 1890s. He died Oct. 14, 1921, and was buried by his wife in the Adel 
town cemetery.


William Henry Parrish was born in Camden county, Aug. 25, 1809, a son of 
Ezekiel Parrish. He was married May 2, 1839, to Louisa Ann King, born 1815 
in Camden county, daughter of James King (Vol. IV). They had eight 

1 - Elizabeth Ann	b. 1838,	m. Phillip S. Goodbread, Sept. 24,1857.
2. Emily M.	b. 1840,	m. George W. Brown (son of Robert).
3. James	b. 1842,	m. (unknown).
4. Laura Jane	b. 1844,	m. Crawford Parrish Brown, Feb. 19, 1863,
5. Josephine	b. 1846,	m. Jacob Tex Goodbread, son of Jacob T.
6. Lawton	b. 1848,	m. (unknown).
7. Houston	b. 1849,	m. (unknown).
8. Ann Maria	b. 1851,	never m. Lived with sister, Josephine.

Mr. Parrish lived in Camden county until about 1861 when he moved to 
Hamilton County, Fla., where his brothers Crawford and Jonathan were 
already living. In Camden county he was 2nd lieutenant of the militia in 
the 270th district, 1828-1830. He served 1838 as Tax-collector of Camden 
county. Later he moved over into Columbia county, and died there May 
29,1872. Buried by him was a second wife, Arretta (maiden name unknown), 
born Oct. 24,1831, died Feb. 26,1917. They were buried at Corinth- 
Methodist Church about twelve miles north of Lake City; graves marked. They 
were members of Corinth Church.


Henry Jackson Parrish was born in 1803 in Bulloch County, Georgia, a son of 
Hezekiah and Nancy Cook Parrish. His place of birth and where he grew to 
manhood is in the area of Scull, Rattlesnake, and 15 Mile Creek of Emanuel 
County, east of present day city. About 1823, Mr. Parrish married Mary 
"Polly" Lewis, daughter of Jesse and Mary Clifton Lewis, and a 
granddaughter of John Lewis (RS) and his wife, Nancy Ward. She was also a 
granddaughter of William Clifton (RS). To Henry Jackson and Mary were born 
the following children:

1. Rachel Janie	b. 12/??/1825, m. King David Cowart, 1/23/1845.
2. Nancy	b. 5/15/1830, m. Robert Hendricks, 9/6/1871.
3. Henry (Vol.Vl)	b. 7/12/1835, m. Ellen Gay.
4. Eliza Ann	b. 6/18/1838, m. Perry Gay.
5. James J.	b.	1841, m. unknown.
6. Elizabeth "Lizzie"	b.	1843, m. Richard Harvey.
7. Mary	b.	1845, m. unknown.
8. Candacy	b.	1849, m. ???? Baker.

Henry Jackson Parrish and his wife were members of the Hebron Baptist 
Church. Elam Church was formed from Hebron. They moved their membership to 
Elam Church in January of 1842. In November of 1844, Henry was elected as 
the church clerk, and he held that position for several years.
About 1848, Henry Parrish moved just inside the Bulloch County line and 
lived there until his death.
In 1838, Mr. Parrish was appointed guardian for his father when he became 
ill. When his father died, he and Augustus Miles Cowart were appointed 
administrators of the Hezekiah Parrish estate.
Henry Jackson Parrish died in 1870, but it is not known where he is buried. 
The date of his wife's death is not known, but she was living in 1870.
Contributed by: Robert J. Robinson of Quitman, Georgia.

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