Fwd: Parham, Hinton, Drake? Please help. - Toomean2
Subject: Fwd: Parham, Hinton, Drake? Please help.
From: Toomean2
Date: May 25, 1998

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Subject: Parham, Hinton, Drake?  Please help.
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Can one of you fellow researches help, please.....

I have been searching for ancestors of Joseph Hinton Parham b. 1862 d. 1951.
His father was Joseph Hinton Parham as well.  They were in Spartanburg/Union
areas of SC.  I have believed them to be connected to Drury Parham who married
Polly Hinton from NC, but they ended up in Spartanburg co.  Because of the
name similarities.  I found  a will in the Union Co records for Francis Drake
of Union Co.  He leaves property to:

wife Joyce Drake, [her will list children with different last names, a second
son William Drake
daughter Martha Flinton [typo?]
grandson Francis Drake
grandson john Parham
William Wallace
grandson Mathew Hinton
grandson Joseph Hinton
grandaughter Margaret Drake  dau. of Britton Drake
brother Richard Drake

Then if I look at will Robert Wallace [Wallace mentioned in will above]
he leaves property to :
son William
stepson John Parham tract of land on Cape Farr River in Chatham, in right of
father John Parham decd.
daughter Elizabeth
some more children listed.

I really feel there has to be a connection to my Joseph Hinton Parham, the 
names just keep popping up.  Does anyone know how all these names tie up?

If you have any clues I would really appreciate any you would send.  If you
are interested in any of the above info, i will happily send along more.

Thanks for your time,
Lisa Burns SC


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