Re: Parentage of MARY ANN PARSONS - linfre
Subject: Re: Parentage of MARY ANN PARSONS
From: linfre
Date: July 28, 1999


The marriage records of St. Patricks Roman Catholic Church in Charleston
very often show the names of the parents of the persons being married.
This church has almost all of its original records (one book is missing)
and they are on microfilm.  The microfilm is in the office of the Roman
Catholic Diocese of Charleston.  Contact:  [email protected]   for
further information.

St. Lawrence Cemetery:  843-723-8228  They have fairly good records, but
not sure if they will show names of parents.  Doubtful.

The Charleston County Public Library, South Carolina Room, has some
death records dating from 1821 through 1926.  These records very often
show parents names, place of birth, etc.  Their website is found at:

Also, the South Carolina Department of Archives and History has death
records on microfilm dating from 1915 through 1948, I believe.  Their
website address is as follows:

There is a directory of personnel at the website with e-mail addresses
and I believe they will conduct a search for a small fee.  However, they
cannot mail out copies of the death certificates.

Hope this is helpful.

[email protected]

"Neil M. Franklin FRANKLIN" wrote:

 Mary Ann Parsons was my grandmother.    She was born in Ireland, (
> county unknown, but possibly Clare, Mayo or Offaly ) in 1830. she
> immigrated to the U.S. in 1852, ;married John Carney on 7-1-1861 at St.
> Patrick's Catholic Church . in Charleston, S.C. and died on Qct.5th
> 1920.She was buried in St Lawrence's cemetery.What was the given name of
> her father ? What was the maiden name of her mother ? Do they have
> descendants    living in Charlestn, or elsewhere ?
> Neil
> >
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