Palatinic German immigration - Melba J Clark
Subject: Palatinic German immigration
From: Melba J Clark
Date: May 09, 2000

I noticed that you mentioned <<<>>>>>
I would be interested to know where I could locate more information about
this.   One of my husband's lines came during that time from there.
PS I agree with your comments on the need to lighten up.

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From: James Bumgardner 
To: [email protected] 
Date: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 12:53 PM
Subject: serious genealogists & their tombstone race

I dropped a mailing list recently when the "serious genealogists" could not
tolerate any comments other than tombstone data. They insulted the general
researching public until most shut-up or got out. Beware, this list is going
in the same direction.
>The very connection one of us needs may be someone in research for family
reasons and not for a  book in the making, or a church requirement, but just
family documenting family.
>I am NOT a "serious genealogist". I have had much FUN stalking my
ancestors. I have not only had to research data, but migratory patterns,
Native American allied families, wars and rumors thereof and even wandered
into the reasons for the Palatinic German immigration to understand more. I
have never read so much history willingly.
>I am  mostly using online research for those not in my area of residence.
Mailing lists are nice supplements to other research. They will not give me
everything I need, but often give a new insight.
>Lighten up.

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