Paines, Payne of SC land - Jimmy
Subject: Paines, Payne of SC land
From: Jimmy
Date: March 21, 1999


1- Paine, James --- land grant for 10 acres in Berkley County, SC.
2- Paine, James----plat of  940 acres in Craven  County, SC.
3- Paine, James----plat for 500 acres in Craven  County,SC.
4- Paine, James---land grant for 940 acres in Craven county,SC.
5- Paine, James --Land grant for 500 acres in Craven County, SC.

6- Paine, John--- Exors. of Mary Brester VS Francis Roche (Judgment Roll )
dated 1765.

7- Paine, Joseph   B. 
    wife: Harriett
       (note: deed made by Mary Brailsford ) bill of sale dated 4/21/1818 )
8- Paine, Julia 
    Husband: Edward Tattnall Paine  ( date of this bill of sale 12/07/1852
9- Paine, Ephraim---          ( date of  1763/07 )
10- Paine, George-----  (date of 10/29/1774 )
11- Paine, James 
      wife: Mary       ( dated 1727 )
12- Paine, Thomas and Joseph Bridgham   ( judgment roll ) dated 1796/02/19
13- Paine, Clement      paper work dated 1803/05/24
14- Paine, Clement atty. to the heirs of  Seth Paine.   dated 1807/06/13
15- Paine, Edward Tattnal
      wife: Julia                              James Noble & H. Dunkin
Trustee of of E.T. Paine and wife Julia
16- Paine Edward T.  plat for 187 acres in Amelia Township, dated 7/23/1754.
17- Paine, Capt. Thomas and Edward T. Paine plan of 5 lots on Coming
Street, Charleston neck. dated 6/1825
18- Paine, Marmaduke VS Strphen Sarrizen, Judgment roll dated 1714
19- Paine, Ms. M.B. , plat showing 9 town lots, known as paine Court in
Charleston. dated 10.30/1883.
20- Paine, N. Russell to Thomas Pinckney Huger and Cleland K. Huger,
Trustee for H.H. Ravenel, Bill of sale for 1/16th of the Ship John Ravenel.
Paine, N. Russell to Sarah B. Paine, his sister, Bill of sale for an
undivided morety of the slaves Rosa, Julia and her Child Jim and Henry.
(dated 5/15/1861 )
21- Paine, Samuel VS Jonathan  Sarrazin and Jacob Johnston, Judgment Roll
dated 1780.
22- Paine, Thomas and Sarah Paine to Josiah Phyney, bill of sale for a
slave name Isaac, about 16 years old.  dated 9/29/1824
23- Freneau, Peter survivor of  Seth Paine, Judgment Roll ,  dated 6/5/1802
through 6/13/1807.
24- Paine, Stephen
         Muir, William VS Thomas Paine and Stephen Paine otherwise called
Thomas Paine and Son, Judgment Roll (page 12) 6/15/1805)
       Bank of SC, VS Thomas  Paine Stephen Paine otherwise called , Thomas
Paine and Son , Judgment Roll. (8 pages)
25- Paine, Thomas 
      Logan,John Memorial for 5 tracks making a total of 1777 acres in
Colleton County. (2 pages)    dated 07/07/1764.
 26- Thomas Paine and Joseph Bridgham VS David Sarzedas, Judgment Roll ,
dated 02/19/1796
27-  Paine, Thomas  jr. sold  Dr. Edward Jones plat of land 479 acres on
Ashley River , dated 2/7/1808.
28- Paines Court: 
      Paine, Ms. M.B., plat showing 9 town lots, known as paines court in
Charleston , dated-10/30/1883 .
******************************Hello all you Paine researcher,
  I am going to put this list up and if any one need more info.,
I will look in the file and see if there is other info. I will be posting
more of the Paines and Paynes as I get time.

Jimmy Payne
[email protected]

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