paines of Paynes of South Carolina - dpayne
Subject: paines of Paynes of South Carolina
From: dpayne
Date: February 24, 1998

Hello All,
  does anyone have these names in their data base?
1- Thomas Wesley Paine or Payne born: abt. 1820, SC  (father)

2- Theodore Wesley Paine / Payne, born:Jan. 1855 South Carolina. ( Son )(
My G-Grandfather ).

2- Ann Payne, born abt. 1857 South Carolina.  She married a McDowell and
lived in Atl., around Brookwood section of Peachtree street. (daughter )
lived in Atl.Ga. in late 1800s and 1900s.  The name could be spelled
another way.

3- P.R. Paine or Payne, Born: SC (son )

4- Morton Paine or Payne- His daughter married one of the Lawyer of
Rutledge and Rutledge of law office of Charleston, South Carolina.  ( Son )

Jimmy Payne
[email protected]

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