Paines / Paynes of Charleston,SC - dpayne
Subject: Paines / Paynes of Charleston,SC
From: dpayne
Date: February 19, 1998

Hello All,
 I am trying to find any information on Theodore Wesley Paine /Payne born
1855 South Carolina.
Need to know is where about between 1855 and 1886. He married Nancy Jane
Strain. One son was named Wesley Moton Paine.

Thomas Wesley Paine / Payne born about 1820 South Carolina.

Ann Payne / Paine born abt. 1857 South Carolina, she married a McDowell and
lived in Atlanta,Ga.

Morton Paine/ Payne born South Carolina, His daughter married one of the
Ruldridge & Ruldridge Lawyers,
of Charleston,SC.  They had law offices in Paris and Washington,DC. Late
1800s and early 1900s. That law firm could still be there now.

Jimmy Payne
Talladega county
[email protected]

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