Paines / Paynes - dpayne
Subject: Paines / Paynes
From: dpayne
Date: April 03, 1998

Hello All,
 does anyone have any information on these Paines/ Paynes

Theodore Wesley Paines mother and father were born in Charleston, South
Carolina, Father in 1820,mother 1830.
His (Theodore's)father's name was Thomas Wesley Paine.  His mother,
Margaret Booth Paine.  Thomas Wesley Paine died in 1860.  His estate was
settled in 1860 in Charleston,SC.

In 1855 Theodore's father Thomas Paine was a Harbor Master in Charleston, SC.

In 1861, April 12- April 5,1865 was the civel war-- Lincoln was President.
It began at Ft. Sumter,SC.  Ship were taken at sea island in Harbor of Ft.

Theodore was on ship when it was taken.  He was five (5) years old.

Somerset England- Thomas paine lived ( father of Theodore)
In london ,England Thomas Paine was a professor at Oxford University or

Grover Cleveland was president at the time the government was sued.

Theodore Wesley Paine went to Charleston,SC. between 1893-1897 with Lawyers
Rutledge, Rutledge.
( Mortorgan above)

Suit aginist Gov't in South Carolina.

This claim supposed to be a French Claim, filed under paine & Booth
Shipping Lines.

Rutledge & Rutledge had offices in Londons, Paris, Washington,DC and

One of Moton Paine's daughters married one of the lawyers.

Would appreciate any help that some may have.
This claim supposed to be in Hall of Records in Washington,DC.

Jimmy Payne

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