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Elisha Padgett was born in Beaufort District, S.C., in 1795. He came to 
Georgia possibly with his parents (names unknown), and first located in 
Bulloch County where he married Feb. 8, 1816, to Lavina Bennett, born about 
1799 in Bulloch County, daughter of James Bennett (Vol. III). They had 
eleven children:

1 . William	b. 1817,	m. 1st Polly Harris, dau. of Hampton, 2nd Julia Ann 
Prescott, Nov. 11, 1859.
2. Nathaniel	b. 1821,	died young.
3. Lucy	b. 1825,	m. Nathan Fouracres.
4. Lavina (pink)	b. 1827,	m. William Lang.
5. Elias	b. 1829,	m. Martha Prescott, Jan. 25, 1849.
6. Elijah	b. 1831,	m. Betsy Austin.
7. Cynthia	b. 1833,	m. James J. Prescott, Dec. 25, 1851.
8. John	b. 1835,	m. Caroline Prescott, Aug. 13, 1852.
9. Mary	b. 1837,	m. Joshua Willis Prescott, Feb. 21, 1853.
10. Lydia	b. 1839,	m. 1st William C. Harris, May 18,1854; 2nd Frank M. 
Austin, Feb. 20, 1881.
11. Eliza	b. 1845,	m. Charles Henry Ward, Jan. 18,1850.

Elisha Padgett moved to Appling County between 1820 and 1825. He was in 
Appling County when he registered for the 1827 land lottery, residing in 
Morgan's (443rd) militia district. In that lottery he drew lot 184, 18th 
district of Lee County. He moved to Ware County about 1835. He was in the 
Indian War in this section, serving as a private in Capt. David J. Miller's 
Company of Ware County Militia June 9th to Aug. 19, 1838, and another "tour 
of Duty" under the same captain, August to December, 1838. In the latter 
service his son William was also a private. For this service he, the older 
Padgett, was granted 80 acres of bountyland April 7, 1854; property lying 
then in Duval County, Fla., later and now in Clay County. He had moved from 
Ware County to Duval Co., Fla., when he applied for the bounty-land; this 
land became his tiomeplace. He also owned 40 acres he bought from the U. S. 
Land Office, April 10, 1846. Both tracts are now in Clay County, Fla., and 
in Long Branch Community on the Clay-Duval County Line. Mr. Padgett died in 
1869 and his widow died about 1877.


William Padgett was born 1817, the first-born of his parents, Elisha and 
Lavina Bennett Padgett. His parents moved to Appling, thence to Ware 
County, and William grew up in those two counties. He was married twice. 
First marriage was in Ware County in 1842 to Polly (or Mary) Harris, born 
1822, in Bryan County, daughter of Hampton Harris (Vol. 111). They had 
eight children, the first two born in Ware County, and the others in DuVal 
(now Clay) County, Fla., viz:

1 . Martha	b. 1844,	m. John Dukes, Feb. 17,1868. Dead in 1870.
2. Martin	b. 1846,	m. Mary Muse.
3. Margaret	b. 1850,	m. Elijah Padgett (cousin).
4. Nancy	b. 1854,	m. David Padgett, Feb. 5,1884 (cousin).
5. Elias	b. 1855,	m. Jennie Woodside, Apr. 22, 1879.
6. Mary	b. 1856,	m. John Muse.
7. Matthew	b. 1857,	m. Mattie Muse, April 4,1880.
8. Fannie	b. 1859,	m. Martin Butler, May 4,1876. Died 1877.

Mrs. Polly Padgett died soon after the birth of the last child, Fannie. On 
Nov. 19, 1859, Mr. Padgett married Julia Ann Prescott, born 1840 in Appling 
County, daughter of John W. and Harriet Amanda (Studivant) Prescott. By her 
nine children were born, all in Clay County, Fla.:

9. Josephine	b. 1861,	m. Frances Marion Crews, Sept. 2, 1885.
10. Georgia Ann	b. 1862,	m. Martin Butler, May 1, 1878, (2nd wife).
11. Emeline	b. 1866,	m. Jack O'Steen, May 5,1885.
12. Darling	b. 1867,	accidentally killed young in cane-mill.
13. Lavina	b. 1870,	m. Fred King.
14. Julia Florence	b.- 1873,	m. Erwin S. VanBuren, Aug. 30,1890.
15. Ardelia	b. 1876,	m. Jesse Altman, Feb. 7,1905.
16. William Elijah	b. 1878,	m. Hattie Pillsbury, June 4, 1904.
17. Daisy Elizabeth 	b. 1880,	m. James Altman, June 5,1904.

William Padgett was living in Ware county near Waresboro in the time of the 
Indian troubles or war in this section, and was a private in Capt. David J. 
Miller's company of Ware county militia, August to December, 1838. For this 
service he was granted 80 acres of bounty-land in DuVal (now Clay) Co. 
Fla., in the 1850s, and an Indian War pension in the early 1890s which he 
drew until his death. He moved to DuVal County, Fla., from Ware county 
about 1850, and in 1858 was cut into Clay county in its formation out of 
DuVal. He lived near Maxville, Clay county, and died there March 18, 1901.. 
His widow died there Dec. 1, 1904. They were buried in nearby Long Branch 

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