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PADGETT, William	1805-1855  ECHOLS

WILLIAM PADGETT was one of the early settlers of the present county of 
Echols, living there in the 1830 Census while it was Ware County.  He was a 
brother to Elisha, Jeremiah, James T. and John Padgett, all of whom lived 
at one time in present Echols County.  The Padgetts were from Colleton 
District, South Carolina, where the family is numerous and prominent. 
 William Padgett was born 1805 in South Carolina, and moved to Georgia with 
his parents.  He married Louisa Thomas, born 1810 in Georgia.  To William 
and Louisa Padgett were born:

1. John	b. 1827, Georgia, m. ______, lived near Enterprise, Florida.
2. James	b. 1829, Georgia, m ______, lived near Kissimmee, Florida.
3. Isham	b. 1834, Florida.  Killed accidentally by gun, 1863.
4. Henry W.	b. 1841, Florida, m. Eliza Petty, daughter of James.
5. Martha	b. 1843, Georgia, m. William McLain, son of John.
6. Mary Ann	b. 1846, Florida, m. William Mims.
7. Nancy	b. 1848, Florida, m. John Petty.
8. Thomas	b. 1852, Florida, m. (1) ______ Johns (2) Janie Saunders.

William Padgett and his wife moved to Ware County soon after marriage and 
settled in the 719th district, a section of Ware that was cut into Clinch 
County in 1850 and into, Echols County in 1858.  It appears that he lived 
there four or five years, then moved over into Hamilton County, Florida, 
and then back over into Georgia for two or three years, returning to 
Hamilton about 1845 where he lived until his death about 1855.  His widow 
and children after his death moved back to Georgia and lived in Echols 
County until her death.
William Padgett served in Capt. David J. Miller's Company of Ware County 
militia in the Indian War in 1838, as a private.


Henry W. Padgett was born in Ware (now Echols) County in 1841, son of 
William Padgett (Vol. 1). He died at his home in western Echols County, 
Dec. 13, 1891. He was married in 1867 to Eliza Petty, daughter of James 
Petty. She was born Jan. 18, 1847, in Georgia, and died Nov. 4, 1931, To 
Mr. and Mrs. Padgett were born eight children:

1. Henry W. Jr.	b. 1868, died age I year.
2. John P.	b. 1869, never m.
3. Elizabeth	b. 1871, m. Abraham Jackson Allen.
4. Artemisha	b. 1873, m. Noah W. Padgett, son of James T.
5. Janie	b. 1875, m. Rev. George Taylor. Moved to Fla.
6. Norman	b. 1877, died single, July 7, 1901.
7. Victoria	b. 1880, m. Robert P. Denmark, Hamiliton Co., Fla.
8. Lula	b. 1882, m. Ist. David B. Wetherington; 2nd. Rev.  T. T. Law.

Mr. Padgett served in the Confederate Army in a Hamilton County (Fla.) 
company. He and his wife were buried at Bethel (Bony Bluff) Church in 
western Echols County. The son, John P. Padgett, was Justice of Peace in 
his (719th)
district of Echols County from January, 1891, until his death April 6, 
1947, a period of 56 years - probably a record for continuous service in 
the same office. He served as Representative from his county, 1898-1899. He 
owned the old home place and lands of his father, and his mother lived with 
him until her death.

James T. Padgett was born in Tattnall County, in 1818, a son of Hopkins and 
Mary Padgett. His parents moved to Hamilton Co. Fla., in his youth, and he 
was married there in 1839 to Mehala Hunter, born 1827 in Georgia, daughter 
of Joseph Hunter. To them were born eleven children, viz:

1. Angeline	b. 1840, Fla., m. James Johnson.
2. Nancy	b. 1842, Fla., m. William Lee (son of James J.).
3. Mehala	b. 1844, Ga., m. Alexander Hunter.
4. Salena	b. 1846, Ga. died in childhood.
5. Thomas W.	b. 1848, Fla., m. Keziah Hunter, dau. of David.
6. Susannah	b. 1850, Ga., m. Geo. W. Hunter, son of David.
7. Hagner	b. 1853 Fla., m. (unknown). Blind.
8. Waver J.	b. 1854: Fla., m. Della Padgett (half-sister).
9. Fisher	b. 1855, Fla., m. Mary Thornton.
10. Lavina J.	b. 1857, Fla., never married. Blind.
11. Cynthia	b. 1860, Ga., m. Grant Cannon.

After the first wife's death in 1862, Mr. Padgett married Caroline Crews, 
born 1839 in Ware County, daughter of Stephen Crews (Vol.I). They had the 
following children:

12. Matilda	b. 1864, m. John E. Greene.
13. Noah W.	b. 1866, m. Artemisha Padgett (cousin). Moved to Perry, Fla.
14. Della	b. 1868, m. Waver J. Padgett (above).
15. Jesse	b. 1871, m. (unknown).
16. Madison	b. 1872, m. (unknown).

Mr. Padgett lived alternately in Hamilton County, Fla., until 1843, then in 
Lowndes Co. Ga., (now Echols), until 1849; then in Clinch Co. Ga., (now 
Echols) until about 1852; then in Hamilton until about 1857; then in Echols 
County until his death. His residence in Echols was on lot of land 502, 
13th district, on Tom's Creek, a lot which he owned. He also owned lands in 
Hamilton County where he lived during his residences there.
Mr. Padgett served as a Justice of the Inferior Court of Echols County, 
1861-63, and as a member of the Board of County Commissioners 1873-74, and 
as Representative from Echols, 1875-76. In an family altercation at his 
home he was shot and mortally wounded by his son-in-law, George W. Hunter, 
Dec. 28, 1883.
Mr. Padgett served three terms of enlistment in the Indian War in this 
section and over in North Florida, viz: Private under Lieut. William Day, 
13th Regiment, Florida Regiment, June 15th to Oct. 15, 1836; Private in 
Capt. Geo. W. Smith's company, 2nd Regiment, Florida militia, June 16 to 
Dec. 16, 1837; and private in Capt. David R. Bryan's company of Lowndes Co. 
Ga., militia, July 1st to Oct. 15, 1838.

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