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Subject: Re: Pacolet River in Mills Atlas
From: George1120
Date: March 02, 1998

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 Subj:	 [SCROOTS-L] Pacolet River in Mills Atlas
>  Date:	01 Mar 98 2:01:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
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>  Ron,
>  As explained in earlier messages on the SCRoots mailing service, Mills
> was
>  published in 1825.  It was based on surveys conducted from 1817-1821 with
>  improvements made by Robert Mills from 1823-1825.  For more information 
> about
>  Mills Atlas, please search the Rootsweb message archives.
>  As to the Pacolet River, Mills Atlas shows on the Union District map that
>  Pacolet River flows through Union District.  The Pacolet River is shown 
> flowing
>  from Spartanburgh District and emptying into the Broad River.  The Broad 
> River
>  is shown as the eastern boundary of Union District.
>  Mills Atlas shows the North Fork Pacolet River and the South Fork Pacolet 
> River
>  both as tributaries which have confluence with the Pacolet River in 
> Spartanburgh
>  District.  The South Fork Pacolet is shown almost wholly within
>  District with perhaps on headwater of one of its tributaries crossing into
>  Greenville District.  The North Fork Pacolet River is shown crossing into 
> North
>  Carolina.
>  Hope that helps,
>  Steve
>  Rymach wrote:
>  > 
>  > Steve,
>  > 
>  > My Levi Young ancestor married a Nancy Marchbanks in 1782 and settled 
> along
>  > the South Pacolet River in Union District. In a pension file, she 
> described
>  > the sounds of battle during the Rev War and Loyalist troops in that area.
> I
>  > know that Cowpens is near a branch of the Pacolet River. Does Mills Atlas
> show
>  > the South Pacolet River in the period around the 1770s-1780s.  If so, how
> far
>  > does it run in Union District?
>  > 
>  > Ron F. Young
>  > [email protected]

To all,

I am interested in the name "Pacolet".  The Pacolet River and the town of
Pacolet are derived from (I believe) the son of my ggggg grandfather, Major
William (Billy) Foster. His son was Pacolet Moses Foster, b. 9 Oct 1787 in
Amelia County, Virginia. His younger sister, Maiden Foster, b. 14 February
1790 in Spartanburg. Maj Billy Foster, Rev War soldier, moved his family from
Amelia Co, (outside Richmond) to Spartanburg when Pacolet was very young (no
more than  2 1/2). I discovered the town of Pacolet on a trip to Spartanburg
around New Years as I was looking for the Fairforest Cemetery.It may be in
Union County.

My question is:  Is the Pacolet River and the town of Pacolet named after
pacolet Moses Foster. I am interested in any details of the origin of the name

George B. Williams
Manassas, Virginia

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