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Date: March 15, 2000

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<< My Lynahs had a rice plantation on the Combahee River, before the Civil 
War. >>

Dear Katharine,
     The Spring 1996 issue of the South Carolina Historical Society's 
publication Carologue has a wonderful map and article entitled "Combahee 
River Plantations". I was so impressed by the article that I took a copy of 
the magazine to Mr. Brown who works on Laurel Springs Plantation and was 
quoted in the article.      
     Laurel Springs Plantation was once called Lynah Plantation. In it's 
early years, Lynah Plantation covered thousands of acres of land and spread 
From the Combahee River to Jacksonboro, SC. It is located in the ACE Basin 
area of Lowcountry South Carolina. It is in Colleton County.
     ACE stands for the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto Rivers. Information can 
be found at this site.   ACE 
     Information about plantations in this area can be found in a recently 
published book -   Atlas 
of Rice Plantations
     The plantation is now much smaller and is owned by the Lightsey family 
of South Carolina. The home is beautiful and has 22 bedrooms. Framed maps 
From the Mills Atlas of 1825 hang on the wall as art work. The home is not 
open for tours, but Mr. Brown and I are "somehow related" and he was glad to 
show me around.
Hope this interests you.
Patricia Davis Runey
Charleston, SC

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