Lumbee/ Pee Dee, Santee, Indians - Melinda Totten Crowder
Subject: Lumbee/ Pee Dee, Santee, Indians
From: Melinda Totten Crowder
Date: April 17, 2000

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Greetings and blessings to the List

I saw a post asking about the Pee Dee River and Lumbee.  I have typed
below what information I have in hope that it will help in your

The contemporary Pee Dees, Santees, and Edistos have assumed their
present names from the rivers near their homes.

The present-day Pee Dees include part of the Lumbees. They are not the
Pee Dees who joined the Catawbas in the colonial era.  In 1981, there
were an estimated 2,000 Pee Dees scattered through Dillon and Marlboro
Counties.  The Lumbee Indians are not included in this work or(  book )
as they are part of the history of North Carolina.

The present-day Santees appear to be descended from a splinter group of
the original Pee Dees who became dissatisfied with their reservation in
Dorchester Co. and moved to the vicinity of Four Hole Swamp, near Holly
Hill,  These Indians are descendants of Indians who did not move to join
the Catawbas.  It is likely that some of these are related to the Etiwan
Indians who formed the largest population of Indians on the coastal
plain during the colonial period.
The modern Edistos are likely descendants of the Kusso Indians and the
Natches Indians.  Their two settlements are Four Holes and Creel Town. .

The above writing is taken for the book South Carolina Indians Indian
Traders and Other Ethnic Connections Beginning in 1670 by Theresa M.

Good luck in everyone's genealogy research.

Melinda ,  If you see anything attached to this letter,  it is my work
business card, don't worry it cannot hurt your PC.  Keep smiling, God is

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