lucy locket is out of pocket - Carolyn Burrgess
Subject: lucy locket is out of pocket
From: Carolyn Burrgess
Date: February 17, 2001

life long ago demanded courage and determination from the female members of  the human race     a woman of such a description is my ancestor lucy  wife of john  dtinkard   he took her hand in marriage inmarch 1785   from where/??   they lived  first in edgefield dst sc then abbeville dist  as late as 1790 they still lived in abbeville  but  then  maybe  for   what   a better life - the greener grass  she left

for whatever reason she and her son john ''''smith" travelled through the wilderness  to chambers co al   can you imagine the hardships of that travel   wagon/ tent/  food/  drink/  hot and cold/

well, i am   bonded to her and seek details of her life in sc  al      and ga for she passed thru ga on way to al

  anyone who has any knowledge  however remote  please ler me hear

when i get it all  together i'll tell it to the world   thanks for any reply         hopefully someone will want to know about my elusive lady  named lucy

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