Loye Nation's research - Rjones1244
Subject: Loye Nation's research
From: Rjones1244
Date: March 11, 2001

Dear Cynthia,   (Cynthia Holley)

I am a Nations descendant through my GG Grandmother, Bethia Nation who
married Samuel Jones.  In association with several cousins, I have been able
to find 7,781 descendants of our earliest Nations ancestor, Henry Nation born
about 1593 in England.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to acquire or borrow the Nations
research of Loye Nations which you have obtained.  I will be glad to pay your
asking price and postage, etc.

If you have already made disposession, please give me the name and address of
the person who now has these documents so that I can collaborate with that
person in improving our database.

Many thanks for any help that you can give me in this matter.

R. Lanier Jones, 1244 Harrison Point Trail, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034

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