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Subject: Re: Re: Loyalists lookup
From: Frances
Date: May 17, 2000

Page 530-Refugees
Return of Disbanded Officers and Soldiers and Loyalists mustered at Country
Harbour by Mr. Ebenezer Leadbetter; Disbanded Officers and NC Volunteers at
Country Harbour, mustered 19 May , 1784, Captain Dawkins of SC Royalists,
210 men, 36 women, 22 childen, 7 servants or a total of 275.  Part of the
list is missing.
On the list is Abner Hampton.
Gale Hampton is on Pay abstract ? Major Zachariah Gibbs' Regiment, Spartan
Militia 14 Jun- Oct 1781 for service with Major Ferguson.

Lt. Colonel John Hampton served with Colonel Samuel Bryan's Regiment North
Carolina Militia. 744 days pay, 12 Jun 1780- 5 Jul 1782.
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 Frances, Thanks for your offer!  Could you look up the surname HAMPTON?
> Arlene

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