Loyalist Website Grand Opening - Blkwolf989
Subject: Loyalist Website Grand Opening
From: Blkwolf989
Date: February 06, 2000

We are very pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of the first website 
dealing specifically with the Loyalists of the American Revolution to combine 
genealogy, military history and living history.  

The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies (Royalprovincial.com) is 
the collaborative effort of Todd Braisted of New Jersey and Nan Cole of 
Illinois.  Todd is an independent researcher with an extensive background in 
Loyalist military studies.  Nan is a genealogist and researcher and hosts 
both a Loyalist and a Canadian genealogy chat group.  This project was 
started in April of 1999 with the goal of providing detailed, accurate 
Loyalist information to anyone who might have an interest.  The site is not 
intended to serve as an introduction to what a Loyalist is, but rather is a 
place for those who are seeking detailed, specific information about 
individual Loyalist regiments or soldiers.  

The site is broken down into several major areas: History, Military, 
Genealogy, Reenacting and Miscellaneous.  Among the original information to 
be found is a complete listing of all known Loyalist units that existed 
between 1775 and 1784, and a chronological list of battles and engagements 
during the war, along with the Loyalist units that took part in each.  There 
are hundreds of transcribed documents, including courts martials, muster 
rolls, orderly books, regimental correspondence, deserter descriptions, 
battle reports, newspaper accounts, songs, poems, memorials, land grant 
petitions, intelligence reports, clothing returns, church records, Black 
Loyalist materials, proclamations, recruiting notices, Rebel accounts of 
Loyalists, distributions, and womenâ€(tm)s documents.  Our on-line research 
address book provides addresses, hours of operation, phone numbers and 
website links to the major research centers for Loyalist manuscript materials 
and genealogies and will be expanded in the future to include additional 
repositories, churches, organizations and societies of interest to Loyalist 
researchers.  In the Reenacting section you will be able to learn about 
Living History and the groups that portray the Loyalists today, see photos of 
the groups and of past events, and find out how to get in touch with the 
group of your choice.  Plus much, much more…

While the site currently contains over 1,000 pages of information, it is by 
no means complete.  The amount of information planned for the future is more 
than double the amount currently on-line.  So, if you do not find information 
on the individual or group you are looking for now, please stop back soon, as 
we will be updating things on an ongoing basis.  You can also sign up to 
receive a free monthly notification of the new materials that have been added.

To celebrate our grand opening, we will be conducting a special “Loyalist 
contest” on Monday, February 7th, our first day live.  It costs nothing to 
enter and will give you a chance to test your knowledge (or just get lucky 
and guess right!) to win a small prize.  Please stop by for details and 
enter!  And while you are there, take a minute to sign our Guestbook or post 
a message or query on our Genealogy or History Message Boards.

We look forward to greeting our visitors and assisting them with their 
Loyalist questions.  Please follow this link/address to enter our site.  

The Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

Nan Cole & Todd Braisted

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