Lowndesville S.C. - Doug
Subject: Lowndesville S.C.
From: Doug
Date: February 17, 2000

As printed in a book, "THE HISTORY OF LOWNDESVILLE, S. C." by H. A.
Carlisle, it state as followers;
  The name LOWNDESVILLE- while it does not seen to be writien record, it
  seens that the town was named for the Lowmdes family of the Charleston
     area. the most likely individual to contribute the name seems to be
   William Lowmdes (son of Rawlins Lowndes ) February 17, 1782 - October
 27, 1822, who server in Congress as a United Ststes Representative fron
 1810 to May 8, 1822. During part of this time he was Closely associated
 with epresentative Johyn C. Calhoun and Langdon Cheves who were natives
    of Abbeville County. Some have said that this connection with fellow
 Congressman resulted in his name being giveng to this small community.
    Lownesville was first chartered by the South Carolina Legistature on
    December 21 !839; however, there was a post office Officially called
                                        Lownesville on August 17 , 1836.

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