Re: Low point - Tony and Julie Howell
Subject: Re: Low point
From: Tony and Julie Howell
Date: February 22, 2001

i love's the best support group in the world.  someone posted a whole page of genealogy
humorour "one-liners"...i kept two quips that i taped to my monitor:
    "my hobby is genealogy.  i raise dust bunnies as pets"
    "my family tree must have been used for firewood"

sometimes, like with any other problem, you just have to get up and walk away from it for a while.  not
long, just until the urge passes to reduce your entire computer system to tiny bits and pieces.  :)


[email protected] wrote:

 I'm hitting the low point again............................Someone please
> slap me and say " don't give up"

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