RE: Low point - Carolyn M. Getting
Subject: RE: Low point
From: Carolyn M. Getting
Date: February 22, 2001

The name that always gave me fits was Titsworth.  I think they pronounce it
Teetsworth, but still quite a name.  We shouldn't make fun.  Really, we
shouldn't.  Are we what you would call genealogy crazy.  I think I am.

Blessed are they that run in circles for they shall be called wheels.  Sometimes I
think that is all I do (run in circles), with a little progress along the way.
God bless.

just an old Texas Gal.
Schuenemann/Latinsky/Altman/Gambel/Sinz & Gross

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> Subject: RE: Low point
> That's great!  I'm so glad that somebody else has those "mind travels" the
> way I do.....the funniest I've seen [or close to it] is one RACHEL WAITSTILL
> DEATH!  daughter of John Death and his wife whose maiden name was
> Waitstill.... I still have a problem with that one.
> Sure keeps us entertained while we dig, right????
> Doris....A Texan in Georgia;
> Still shaking the family tree,
> and dodging the nuts after 30+years!
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> >
> >
> > Hey I got nuts in my tree too!!
> > But mine all need help and can't seem to help acting like a bunch of fools
> > at times.
> > Tee hee tee hee
> > That was a good one.
> >
> > I see new surnames all the time and wonder how far back they date and how
> > they came to be.
> > I mean sure   Cook is easy and some of the others are just plain
> > as day like
> > Knight, and Farmer and Smith but then you find some like
> >
> > Pugh and Kilcrease and others.................not picking on anyone just
> > funny at times is all.
> >
> > I mean Pugh what could they have been thinking.
> > And Kilcrease............did the press operater kill the crease
> > in someones
> > pants or what?
> >
> > And what in the world does Entriken mean?
> >
> > Yes genealogy is fun, it keeps a lot of us going!!
> >
> > Gail

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