Re: Lovelace/Loveless Samuel - Brondak
Subject: Re: Lovelace/Loveless Samuel
From: Brondak
Date: January 19, 2000

In a message dated 1/19/00 9:05:57 PM, [email protected] writes:

<Isaac, Jr. 
>Isaac>John Baptist. this is a large and wide spread (also controversial) 
Family. Pat>>

My line is from Barton Loveless of Ga who we think is a grandson of the Barton
whose father is Benjamin 1727.  My line has been controversial too.  We can't
find his father.  But that Samuel who I found in Spartanburg is a good 
if I can just find him and connect him.  Some people think he belongs to 
b. about 1747, but I don't.  There doesn't seem to be any proof of that at 
Lou Ann

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