Love letter: Moran/Moras, Richland/Kershaw ca 1869 - Gkinard
Subject: Love letter: Moran/Moras, Richland/Kershaw ca 1869
From: Gkinard
Date: October 27, 1999

I need some help with a most interesting puzzle.

Background: my gg aunt was Elliott Olivia Higgins (Kershaw County SC 

I have a love letter written to her ca 1869. The post mark was from Columbia. 
It was not from the person she married in 1886. I cannot read the signature 
and am very very curious as to the identity of this person.

The signature looks like:
Lin. (an abbreviation. not sure if it is an L or a T or what) A. Moran? Moras?

Is anyone researching a family in Richland or Kershaw County with a similar 
name? Does anyone have an 1870 census for S. C. that might reveal a similar 

The poor boy was totally love sick. The letter is lovely and a bit forlorn. I 
assume Olivia did agree to marry him as I have no record of a union other 
than that to John Benjamin Cloud many years later.

The letter is a wonderful example of courting habits in this era. If anyone 
out there is kin to this mystery family I will be glad to send them a 
transcription of the letter.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Researching: Porter, McCants, Martin, Rawlinson, Gill, Higgins, Scott, 
Harrison, Fetner; and Bryant, McDade, Dillard, Tolleson, Wells, Baxter, 
Eaves; and Kinard, Wise, Thaxton, Vickers, Patton, Hubbard, Wilkins, 
Long/Lang, Latta (Branch 28), Mauldin, Dismukes.

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