Re: Louis Manigault scrapbooks, ca. 1851-1899 - Kate mullins
Subject: Re: Louis Manigault scrapbooks, ca. 1851-1899
From: Kate mullins
Date: February 20, 1998

Hi: I have noticed your posts on Charleston.  Does this mean you might do 
look-ups in these books?  If not, forgive this request as I know you won't 
have time.  I am looking for information on my ancestors Felix Hughes and his 
wife Margaret Miller.  Hughes migrated from Northern Ireland (unknown date) 
and married Margaret Miller in South Carolina.   The oldest child was my 
gggrandmother and was born in SC.  The couple were in MS by 1790 or so.  I am 
looking for data on their marriage and on the Miller family.  I believe that 
Margaret was born in SC but I do not know her parents.   Any help you can give 
me would be appreciated.  If look ups are not possible, I am sorry to have 
troubled you.  Kate

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Subject: 	[SCROOTS-L] Louis Manigault scrapbooks, ca. 1851-1899

Manigault, Louis, 1828-1899. 
Louis Manigault scrapbooks, ca. 1851-1899. 
2 v. 

Request #: 34/268/1 OvrSz || 34/268/2

Charleston, South Carolina resident. Louis Manigault (ca. 1851-1899) was the 
of Charles Izard Manigault (1795-1874), a merchant and plantation owner. 

Two volumes of clippings with occasional handwritten annotations compiled by
Louis Manigault. Volume 1 (1851-1899) contains newspaper clippings of
obituaries, marriage notices, and articles. The articles (with annotations)
contain information about art and architecture, miniatures, Charleston (S.C.)
events, S.C. history, and deaths of prominent state and national figures. Also
includes ephemera, illustrations, and an index. Volume 2 (1868-1891) contains
annotated newspaper clippings about Charleston (S.C.), receipts, ephemera, and 
reproduction of J. B. Longacre's engraving of Joel R. Poinsett (p. 220). The
volume also contains information (1875) about the 200th anniversary of St.
Philip's [Episcopal] Church, Charleston (S.C.). 

Inscription inside the front cover of volume 1 reads: "Louis Manigault
Charleston, So. Ca. 10th May 1874. This scrap book is given to Josephine
Manigault Jenkins by me this 3rd January 1895, Louis Manigault." Inscription
inside the front cover of volume 2 reads: "Louis Manigault Charleston, So. 
April 1872." 

Cite as: Manigault, Louis, 1828-1899. Louis Manigault scrapbooks, 1851-1899.
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