Subject: LOUIS HARRISON, B. 1853
Date: January 28, 1998

Am trying to confirm birth and schooling of Louis HARRISON, b. 1853 in

Full names of parents unknown. Immigrated in 1852. Both parents born in
Prussia. Were Jews. Father died when Louis young.

Need names and addresses of Jewish Cemeteries in Charleston from 1853-1865.
Need names and addresses of Jewish Temples in Charleston from 1853-1865.

Louis once wrote that he attended Charleston public schools. 
Went to Marion High School. In Charleston? In Marion? Attended Wofford
College in Spartanburg, but officials found no enrollment records for him.

Are there any midwifery records for 1853?
If Louis' father died during the Civil War, are there local records which
can be checked? What if he joined the Union Army? Is that possible? I cannot
find anyone matching him in the Confederate lists.

Magic year is 1853. Definitely in Charleston then. A City Directory then?
Any death index for that period?
They may not have come directly to Charleston from Europe. If left from
Spain, would they most likely have arrived in New Orleans?
Louis was an only child.
Louis went into turpentine business in SC by 1870. Moved, married and
re-located Florida by 1874.
Louis married Rebecca M. Jones, born in Beaufort @ 1855; parents Sarah and
Samuel Jones.

If everyone will check any SC records they have for the period 1852-1874, I
would certainly appreciate it. I have spent three years and a small fortune
sending letters and SASEs to every SC archive, library, govt office,
historical society I can think of.

Any help at all will be appreciated, believe me.

Caroline Harrison Byng

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