Re: Lost response to Grays Hill query...please resend! - Logan George
Subject: Re: Lost response to Grays Hill query...please resend!
From: Logan George
Date: May 08, 1999

I  use to live at Lobeco, SC, years ago.  At that time it was only one road
leading in and out of Beaufort, SC.  That road was US Hwy 21 and that was
the only way you could get to and from Beaufort.  I road the school bus to
Beaufort school's and we would pick up to boy's at Grays Hill.  Their father
ran a little story there.  Their names were Tracy and Winston Davidson.  It
was just across road.  As you went into Beaufort, about 4 miles from Lobeco,
you would come to a hill and on top of that hill has Grays Hill.  Just a
note: We use to go over on Hilton Head Island, when it wasn't anything there
and watch the Marines from Parris Island do beach landing on the beach
there.  This was a long time ago.
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Sent: Saturday, May 08, 1999 3:23 PM
Subject: Lost response to Grays Hill query...please resend!

 <<  Does anyone know anything about the cty of Grays Hill, Beaufort
> SC. It is on Hwy. 21, near Whale Branch Creek.  >>
> If anyone responded to the above query since about 9:00 this morning (when
> last checked my e-mail), please resend your response. I accidently deleted
> the e-mail before I read your reply. So sorry!
> Patty Davis Runey
> Charleston, SC
> >

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