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John Lord was born in Somerset County, Maryland on January 27, 1781, the 
son of William Lord, Sr. (ca 1747-1825) and Amelia "Millie" Lord. John 
married Nancy Minton about 1806, the daughter of James Minton and Lucretia 
Mills. Nancy was born on February 11, 1783 in North Carolina. Their 
children were:

1. Joseph Minton	b. 10/2/1807, m. Amarintha Sanders, 2/9/1829,
(q.v.)	d. 6/26/1857.	dau. of Jesse and Margaret 	(Malone) Sanders.
2. Jesse C.	b.	1811, m. Mary S. Phillips, 9/14/1847, dau. of Martin 
3. Amelia	b. 12/17/1812,m. Daniel Mercer Boone, 6/22/1840,
	d. 5/25/1883.	son of Jacob and Sallie (Franklin) Boone.
4. John H.	b. 11/4/1814, m. Tabitha Wynn, 12/6/1838, dau. of William and 
Susan (Henson) Wynn.
5. James Ethelred	b.	1816, m. Malona Sanders, 10/28/1840,
	d.	1890.	dau. of Jesse and Margaret 	(Malone) Sanders.
6. Rose Ann Minton	b. 1/17/1820, m. Benjamin A. Fordham, III,
	d. 6/15/1885.	1/22/1846, son of Benjamin and Elsie (Miller)Fordham, 
			grandson of William Miller, R.S. (Vol. 1).
7. Mills Minton	b,	1821,	m, Frances L. Howell, 12/9/1838,
(q.v.)	d.	ca 1864,	dau, of John and Sarah Howell,
8. Lucretia	b.	1827, m, John Mitchell Boone,10/22/1842,
		son of Jacob and Sallie (Franklin) Boone.

John's sister, Sara Lord, lived with them. She was deaf and dumb and never 
married, John was her guardian after the death of their parents, James 
Minton, Nancy's father, came to Jefferson County, Georgia about 1799 from 
North Carolina, and in 1805 moved to Washington County, Georgia (Minton 
Springs). John and Nancy were in Wilkinson County, Georgia by 1825, Daniel 
Mercer Boone and wife,'Milly" migrated to Louisiana about 1850, according 
to the late Joseph Maddox. Mills Minton Lord died in Georgia about 1864 
while his son, John M. was a prisoner of war in a Union prison camp. His 
family moved to Columbia County, Florida about 1866, Mills was living in 
Wilkinson County, Georgia in 1860. Frances Lord moved to Sanford Florida 
with her son, John M. about 1874.
John Lord died on June 14, 1851 and Nancy (Minton) Lord died on September 
3, 1855. John and Nancy are buried in the Lord Family Cemetery, Wilkinson 
County, Georgia.
Sources: Marriage, cemetery and census records of Wilkinson Co. Ga.; 1825 
tax list; William Lorit MarylandPartiot by P. Charles Lunsford; 1870 
Columbia Co., Fla. census records; personal knowledge of JoAn Young, 
Jonesboro Ga., Evelyn Sandifer of Lakeland, Fla.; History of Wilkinson Co. 
Ga. pages 456 and 457.
Contributed by: Marilyn C. Kamann, 2141 South Waterman Drive, Crystal 
River, Fla., 32629.


John H. Lord was born on November 4, 1814 in Washington County, Georgia, 
the son of John Lord (1781-185 1) and Nancy Minton (1783-1855) (q.v.). John 
moved from Washington County to Wilkinson County, Georgia with his parents 
before 1825. He married Tabitha Wynn on December 6, 1838 in Wilkinson 
County, Georgia, by Joel Deese, J. P. She was the daughter of William and 
Susan (Henson) Wynn. Tabitha was born in 1813, one of 21 children, who 
were: John and Tabitha had the following children:

1, Nancy	b.	1839.
2. Martha	b.	1841.
3. Mary	b.	1843.
4. Ross	b.	1845, m. I D. Miller.
5. Benjamin Franklin	b.	1848, m. 1) Elizabeth Bruner, 12/25/1878, Wilkinson 
Co., Ga. 2) Rebecca Denton.
6. Amanda	b.	1851.

John served as a private in Company D, 8th Georgia Militia. John and his 
wife were members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. The burial place of John 
Lord or his wife, Tabitha, is unknown.
Sources: Historical Collections of Wilkinson County, Georgia, Joseph 
Maddox; Lord family cem., Wilkinson Co., Ga; Wilkinson Co., marriage 
Contributed by: Marilyn C. Kamann, 725 N. Griffith Ave., Crystal River, 


John Minton Lord was born on June 2, 1839 in Toomsboro, Wilkinson County, 
Georgia, the son of Mills Minton Lord (1821-1864) and Frances Howell Lord 
(1823-1874) (q.v.). He and his brother, Jeremiah, served in the CSA, 
Company I, 3rd Georgia Regiment. John M. was wounded and left for dead at 
the Battle of Gettysburg. He lay for nine days under an apple tree with 
wounds, one in his knee and another in the opposite ankle. He was found by 
Union soldiers and made a prisoner of war, spending three months at 
Chester, Pennsylvania, and 61/2months at Point Lookout, Maryland. He was 
then paroled and sent to Richmond, Virginia and obtained a furlough. He was 
on crutches until the end of the war. He took his mother and the younger 
children, along with a neighbor, Miles Tanner and moved by wagon to 
Columbia County, Florida in 1866. There he married Jane Ward Tanner on 
November 28,1869. She was the daughter of Miles Tanner and Catharine 
Jordan, The Tanner's then moved from Columbia County with John M. Lord to 
Orange (now Seminole) County, Florida, in 1874. Their children were:

1. Fannie	b,	1875, m. James M. "Gus" Wynn,
	d.	1942.
2. Mills Minton	b.	1876, m. Frances Hammond,
(q.v,)	d.	1946.	(1890-1951)~
3. Minnie	b.		? , m. L. Y. Bryan, 10/8/1899,
4. Robert W.	b.	1881, m. Bessie Hoard (1886-1971).
	d.	1958.
5. Rosa	b, 7/19/1883, m.	1) Iver V. Stenstrom,
	d. 9/9/1951.	2) ? Tyler, 3) Walter E. Steward.
6. Emma L.	b.	m. J. D. Letson,
7. Georgia	b. 11/22/1886, m. Marion Smith,
	d. 5/21/1920.	Georgia died in childbirth.
8. Lillie	b. 8/4/1890, m. Edward Clement Bowman.
	d. 10/10/1964.

Mr. Lord died on April 25, 1927. It is not know when his wife died.
Sources: Interview with Evelyn Lord Sandifer of Lakeland, Fla., in January 
of 1992, granddaughter of the subject; diary of John Lord in possession of 
Evelyn; Lakeview Municipal Cem., Sanford, Fla; census records; and Ebenezer 
Church History, Sanford, Florida, 1936.
Contributed by: Marilyn C. Kamann, 2141 South Waterman Drive, Crystal 
River, Fla., 32629.


Joseph Minton Lord was born on October 2, 1807 in Wilkinson County, 
Georgia, the son of John Lord (1781-1851) and Nancy Minton (1783-1855) 
(q.v.). He married Amarintha Sanders, born in 1808, the daughter of Jesse 
Sanders and Margaret Malone, on January 9,1830 in Wilkinson County by 
Reverend Jesse Peacock.
Their children were:

1. Nancy	b.	1835, m. Fielding N. Fordham, 8/21/1856, son of Benjamin 
Fordham, III. and Elsie Miller. 				Elsie Miller was the dau. of William 
Miller, (Vol.1).
2.1verson (CSA)	b.	1845, m. Nancy Pickles, 2/1/1867, dau. of Michael and 
Mary (Goodman)
3. John E.	b.	1846, m. Elizabeth Fordham
4. Joseph B.	b.	1858, 	(posthumus child)

Joseph Minton Lord served as Justice of the Peace in 1845-1848. Mr. Minton 
died on June 6, 1857, shortly before the birth of his last son. The son, 
Iverson, served in the CSA, Company H, 2nd Regiment, I st Brigade, Georgia 
State Militia.
Contributed by: Marilyn C. Kamann.

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