Lookups ~ Floyd's - Peggy C. Wilson
Subject: Lookups ~ Floyd's
From: Peggy C. Wilson
Date: February 22, 1999

Timothy Braswell wrote:
> Attention ALL:
> For an indefinite loan period from a cousin, I have access to the book,
> DESCENDANTS OF  JOHN AND NANCY FLOYD. I will be willing to do look-ups as
> long as I only receive 3 names with each request. Please list SURNAME first
> then include any info you have that will narrow the search as much as as
> possible.

My Floyd is Enoch Floyd, Sr. b. ca 1737 (lived Spartanburg, South
Carolina) died Sep 1795 in Sumpter Co., South Carolina.  Married
Margaret Jane Milton ca 1764.

Issue: David Floyd, Sr. b. 1764, Jonathan Floyd b. 1765, Enoch Floyd,Jr.
ca 1767, Nathaniel Floyd ca 1769, Samuel Floyd b 1770, George Floyd b.
ca 1771, Aaron Floyd b. ca 1772, Margaret Floyd b. ca 1774.  


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