Re: Lookups Public or Private? - Srbrow
Subject: Re: Lookups Public or Private?
From: Srbrow
Date: February 05, 1998

I read with interest your letter and find it agreeing with most of my
thoughts. I do not have time to read hundreds of letters that are not
interesting to me. I can delete rather fast if subject doesn't sound like
anything I want to read or a name not remotely connected to my lines.
What I am writing you about is COKER.  I have been trying to prove a COKER
connection to my husbands PRESTWOOD line for years. Are  you familiar with the
name of PRESTWOOD? If you are and know anything about a   possible marriage of
Nancy Coker(supposed dau. of thomas Coker) to Thomas Prestwood I would be
more than grateful for your response.  My husbands Duncan McIntyre of SC but
born in Scotland in 1781 m. Elizabeth Prestwood, supposed dau. of this Thomas
Prestwood and Nancy Coker(Nancy's death supposed to be 19 Nov 1841) Duncan and
wife Eliz. went to Ala before 1818 and among the earliest settlers in conecuh
Co before it was a state.
Thanks you for any response.
Sarah Browder  in TX

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