Lookups - Martin Jac
Subject: Lookups
From: Martin Jac
Date: May 19, 1998

For my contribution, I can do lookups regarding Mexican War Pensions in "Index
to Mexican War Pension Applications" by Barbara S. Wolfe.  During the
MexicanWar, 1846-1848, over 78,000 Americans served in the armed forces.  

The subject of this complication is a listing of veterans of the Mexican War
and their widows who applied for a pension under the act of 29 January 1887.
These pension applications were accepted until 1926.  Pensions were provided
for vetrans who had served 60 days or their unmarried widows.  

The names appear as they do on the microfilm with the state in which they were
living when they applied, the date of the  application or certiffication
number which is necessary to obtain full documentation from the National

Jacqui Martin

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