Lookups - John Spraberry
Subject: Lookups
From: John Spraberry
Date: December 22, 1999

I,too, am new to this list.  I have enjoyed all the help you have given
to so many, although I am somewhat envious as it seems I am the only
person in the world pursuing my particular line.  I would really
appreciate it if you could look up the Bryans.  My William T. Bryan was
born 1799 in South Carolina, married Catherine C. Hutton of Abbeville
and is next found in 1824 in Greene County Ala.  I suspect he may have
been related to the Bryans of Edgefield, S.C..  Edgefield is so close to
Ga. I was hoping you might find him or his family.  I am hoping to prove
he was descended from a William or Elisha of Edgefield and perhaps
related to the Toblers somehow.  I realize Christmas is upon us so
please don't rush on this one.  If you don't mind checking when you have
time I would greatly appreciate it
Beth Ann Spraberry

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