Lookup for Yolanda, Ariel7a - Heidi Sciacca Surgery
Subject: Lookup for Yolanda, Ariel7a
From: Heidi Sciacca Surgery
Date: January 24, 2000

Dear Yolanda,
I received your message. I am sending a reply via the list as I have tried
several times to respond directly to you. When I sent you an email from work
to your aol addy, it bounced. When I send a message from my aol to you aol
addy, it said you were not a member. I'm sorry you feel offended. I tried to
respond to each and every request. Although providing a county wasn't a
prerequisite to my looking up names, it certainly made the process a lot
easier on me as the book is indexed by county, not name. The only people I
may not have been able to help are common surnames (i.e. Brown) and no
county. There are so many, it would be extremely difficult to post each and
every one, as I'm sure you can understand.

Anyway, if I didn't fulful your request, it was just an oversight on my part
and not to be taken personally. I was literally bombarded with requests and
had no idea the demand would be so great. The following is the only Deal(e)
I could find in the entire book.

Abbeville Co
DEALE, James vol 2 1815-1839 pg 277



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