Re: Lookup - Angela Phipps
Subject: Re: Lookup
From: Angela Phipps
Date: March 10, 1998

I am searching for my maternal gggrandparents, both sets.  They lived in 
that area of SC.  
John James MOORE born in 1821 and married to Magah WILSON born in 1825.  
I don't have any info other than that on him.  My ggrandfather was Louis 
Alexander Moore and my grandfather was John Willie Moore.  John Willie 
was a minister (Baptist) in that area and for some reason added the name 
Brown as another middle name but no one knows why.
Peter Jayroe born about 1797. Peter ran away from home with his brother 
A. B. Jayroe.  There is an old story that they were stow aways from 
France but I have no proof of that just something that my mom's family 
always said.  Peter was married 3 times.  I do not have the names of his 
first two wives but I do know the childrens names.  His third wife was 
Sally Alford (that is debated by some cousins.  She died in 1904 and is 
buried in Santee SC.  There son James Smart Jayroe was my ggrandfather.  
He was a methodist minister and farmer.

I have more information if it will help.  Let me know what you can come 
up with.
Thank you very much for trying.

In a message dated 98-03-10 12:40:11 EST, [email protected] writes:

<< Is there anyone that volunteers look ups in the 
 area?  I can't get there right now and would like some info.  Please 
 e-mail if you can thanks.
 Angie >>

Greetings from South Carolina !   I can't actually go to Williamsburg 
Co. for
you, but I do have some Williamsburg Co. records that I could do lookups 
if that will help you.


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