lookup - Iris11111
Subject: lookup
From: Iris11111
Date: July 19, 1998

Hi All,

If someone has the 1900 SC Census, Id love a lookup.  I don't know when I'll
be able to get back downtown to the LA Public Library.  If I understand the
census correctly, beginning in 1880 the birthplace of each individual's
parents was listed.  I need to know where my Greatgrandfather, William Henry
Lott of St. George, Dorchester County was born.  Also, where his parents were

In the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses, I'd like to know who was in the
dwellings on either side of my Greatgrandparents.  My mother remembers that
whoever was in the building behind my greatgrandparents' home may have been
related to William.  She thinks she remembers the nickname "Sook" or "Sug."  

Thanks for any help,
Marjorie Kramer

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