Looking for William Estes; SC - M E
Subject: Looking for William Estes; SC
From: M E
Date: March 25, 1998

Hi All,

I've added a bit to what I know and have found.  Does anyone know this 
William?  I think it's getting a bit too quiet in here.

ESTES, William; b SC; d ?
+???; b VA
   ESTES, Hazel Butler; Apr 25, 1849-Dec 6, 1932; b SC?/NC; d Winlock 
[Lewis Co], WA; Came to WA in 1884
   +WALL, Susane Jane; m Jan 22, 1873
      ESTES, George William; Dec 17, 1875-Nov 6, 1958; b Parrottsville, 
Cocke Co, TN; d. Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA
      +MOSES, Maude I. (Audel?); m July 2, 1904 Winlock WA
         Donald L. Estes Sr.; April 1, 1907 - 1991; b Aberdeen [Gray's 
Harbor co] WA; d Cosmopolis, WA
         +Myrtle Esson; m March 5, 1926; Jun 27, 1906-Dec 1993; b 
Aberdeen WA; d Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA
         Wesley Newton Estes; Feb 12, 1912; b Winlock, Lewis, WA
         +Marie Winifred Smith; m Sept 14, 1937 Olympia,WA; May 5, 
1913-May 6, 1993; b Olympia WA; d Olympia WA
         Georgie Estes; 1915; b Junction City, Grays Harbor, WA
         +Louie Chorba
      ESTES, Charlie F.; 1878?-; b TN
      ESTES, Jessie; May 1881?-; b TN
      +RAUGHT, Hiram W.; m Sept 1899, Winlock, Lewis, WA
      ESTES, Zolla M.; Feb 1889; b WA

Mike Estes
Redmond, WA
[email protected]

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