Looking for resources - Brasher, David
Subject: Looking for resources
From: Brasher, David
Date: April 20, 1998

I hope I am doing this right. This is my first time in the list. After
seeing some of the messages today, I am not sure I want to get in the
mix. Here goes anyway...

I have an ancestor, Moses Brasher, who was born abt. 1806 in SC. He
ended up in Shelby County, Alabama in 1830. His wives seem and could be
a Rachel, b. SC abt. 1806 and possibly a Caroline(?). People have
searched for years to find his father. There have been many theories
(none to good). I have taken it upon myself to find his father. My
question is this: Since you now know all I know, where should I go, what
should I look at and who could I ask in SC (or anywhere) that might help
me? I guess what I am asking for is resources in SC. I guess I should
say that we have all census data, some land deeds and a few wills. None
of them really fit.


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