looking for pam, old email addy is <boan@mciworld.com>, email returned - Tony and Julie Howell
Subject: looking for pam, old email addy is , email returned
From: Tony and Julie Howell
Date: April 24, 2000

hello all -   i printed out an email in january of this year from pam
whose email address was "boan ".  that email address
is, apparently, no longer valid.  the email message was about one of her
ancestors, the rev. claudius phillipe de richebourg.

does anyone know of a current email address for pam?


pam, if you receive this message, PLEASE email me.  i have a very
important question to ask you about the will of claudius richbourg who
was married to unity.

thank you.

julie thames howell, jax, fla

hi pam -   back in january 2000 you posted a message on the SCSUMTER
list about the rev. claudius richbourg.  it was a wonderfully
informative history and, at the end, you said you were descended from
his son claudius and his wife unity and that you have a copy of his
will.  is the will that you have the will for claudius m. to unity?  may

i have a copy of the will? the will may clear up a richbourg/thames
question that i have.  i sure would appreciate any help you can give me
on this.  if you have the will saved in your computer you might email it

to me as a file or, if it is printed and you could fax it, my fax number

at home is 904-384-1826.

i look forward to hearing from you.  have a nice day.

julie thames howell, jax, fla

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