Looking for MORRISON SC > OH - CECallaway
Subject: Looking for MORRISON SC > OH
From: CECallaway
Date: April 17, 1998

I am seeking to hear from Morrison descendants who have any connection
to the below listed families.  Anybody know these folks in my "brick

1850 Census: Hocking Co, Salt Creek Twp:

	MORRISON, Margaret	46	SC		$100 r/e
		William		20	OH	laborer
		Martin		15	OH
		Margaret	11	OH
		Hannah		 9	OH
[It appears Margaret's husband may be dead, since she is listed as HoH]

	MORRISON, James		56	SC	farmer
		Elizabeth	54	VA
		James		21	OH
		Elizabeth	20	OH
		Mary		18	OH
		Margaret	16	OH
		Jackson		12	OH

Please reply privately of you are reading this on ROOTS-L, scroots-l, or
morrison-l lists as I am not currently subscribed to them.

Thanks ever so much and have a great day  :)
Connie Callaway
Fort Collins, CO  80526		
[email protected]

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