Re: Looking for McNeill's in SC - Robert Roberts
Subject: Re: Looking for McNeill's in SC
From: Robert Roberts
Date: May 18, 2000

This is all that I have:
MS. Submitted by Mrs. Oliver H. Hopkins 642 Woodland Drive North, Forest,
Miss. 39074 Note: Written on two sheets of notebook paper and attached to
copy Hymnbook, following: "History of Michael McCarty and his Descendents"
"Family tradition says that Michael McCarty, oldest known ancestor of this
family came from Ireland in the neighboorhood of Cork. We shall call him
Michael I. His son, Michael II when applying for a Revolutionary pension
stated that he, Michael II, was born in South Carolina. A book entitled
Hymns and Spiritual Songs printed in London MDCCXCII(1792) and in
possession of Mr. Earl Welch, son of Sallie McCarty Welch of Meridian,
daughter of Edward II has the children of Edward McCarty I b. Feb. 11,
1763, and his wife Sarah Larramore b. Sept. 28, 1772, married July 28,
1790, listed as follows: Alford, Apr. 22, 1791 Amos Dec. 17, 1792, m.
Elizabeth McNeal, bur. near Shubuta Quincy Sept. 14, 1794 Annias Sept. 6,
1796 m. Walker Edward Sept 3, 1798 m. Jane Smith Alitha Lovetta July 19,
1800 m. Henry Orinder Paul B. Nov. 1, 1803 Michael Nov. 4, 1806 m. Mariah
Hailes Sarah Dec. 4, 1808 m. William Arrington Kindred, Apr. 1, 1811 Killed
Civil War Orring (Orange) July 23, 1813, buried Burke Tex. Cem. m. Polly
Arrington Simpson, April 11, 1816 m. Mahaba Red Edward McCarty was born
February 11, 1763, married July 23, 1790  (2nd. page rr) Sarah Larimore was
born September 22, 1772 Hiram, July 23, 1811 (Next four names said,
"probably g children"; Calendor, (Calendar) Mar. 9, 1813 Enoch, no date
Sereny, July 9, 1811 Allen, no date

At 12:59 PM 05/18/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Sorry for any duplication but we are really looking for all the desc.
>If you have any McNeill's in your background we need you.........
>We are trying to locate all the Descendants of Thomas McNeill, Sr and his
>brother William Campbell who came from Co Antrim Ireland in the late 1830's
>and 1840's to the Upper SC Area around Abbeville, Lowndesville, Newberry
>and who'se grandchildren and great grandchildren moved to Spartanburg,
>Greer and the Upper part of SC.  Also Descendents of John M McNeill and his
>wife Sarah Youngblood.   We will be having a First ever McNeill Reunion on
>June 17, 2000 from 10:00 am to 3 pm at the Lebanon Presbyterian Church
>Social Hall, 	Mt Carmel Road, Abbeville, SC
>Thomas McNeill, Sr, born about 1810 in Co Antrim Ireland and immigrated
>from Ireland abt 1846 to Abbeville, SC. and William Campbell McNeill born
>abt 1815 in Co Antrim Ireland and immigrated abt 1852 to Abbeville, SC
>Thomas died Sept 24, 1879 and was married 3 times, 1st to Margaret
>Elizabeth McWilliams by whom he had 10 children; 2nd to Rachel B Charles by
>whom he had 2 children and 3rd to 	Rebecca Charles by whom he had 2 children.
>Rachel B and Rebecca Charles were sisters and the daughters of John and
>Mary Magdaline Charles of the Cedar Springs Community Abbeville Co, SC
>William Campbell was married to Jane in Ireland and had 4 children.  She
>died in Abbeville and we have no further marriage for him.
>Please bring any information you have concerning your family to be included
>in the proposed Thomas McNeill Family History to be published by the year
>Copies of any information we currently have will be on display for
>corrections and additions, as well as blank information sheets for you to
>fill in.
>LUNCH:	To be served at 12 Noon.  Bring a Picnic Basket with enough food for
>your family and at least 3 others to accomodate those coming from a long
>distance.  Ice, Tea, Cups, Plates, Forks, Spoons and Napkins will be
>Please contact the one of the following with the number of people who will
>be in your group or with any information on your family
>		Lowrie W McNeill	or	Dr Constance T McNeill
>		P O Box 1111			P O Box 700
>		Abbeville, SC 29620-0111	Abbeville SC 29620-0700
>		864-459-5940			864-446-7274
>						E-Mail - [email protected]
>Eliza McNeill b abt 1835 Ireland, no further info at this time
>Jane McNeill b abt 1837 Ireland, no further info at this time
>Robert McNeill b abt 1842 Ireland, d Unmarried Jul 3 1863 Gettysburg PA
>William C McNeill b abt 1843 Ireland d bef 1860 Abbeville
>Margaret McNeill b abt 1844 Ireland married J Harvey Edwards, Abbeville
>Dist as his 2nd wife - 5 children.
>	Margaret E Edwards b abt 1870
>	Annie E Edwards b abt 1872
>	John R Edwards b abt 1872
>	Grissum S Edwards b abt 1875
>Martha McNeill b abt 1847 Abbeville Dist, No further Info
>Andrew McNeill b 9/9/1848 Abbeville Dist m Mary Catherine Walker d
>2/23/1909 Abbeville Dist.  11 children
>	Georgia Mildred McNeill b 1873 d 1889
>	Andrew Walker McNeill  b 1876 d 1965 m Ila Arial - 9 children
>	Anna Elizabeth McNeill b 1878 d 1969  m John Andrew Lyons 6 children
>	Thomas Mattison McNeill b 1881 d 1971 m Emily Merritt - 5 children
>	Minnie Adella McNeill b 1883 d 1961 m William Walter Greer - 9 children
>	Emory Eugene McNeill b 1886 d 1905 no marriage known
>	Nannie Bethea McNeill b 1888 d 1888
>	Julius Grady McNeill b 1889 d d 1978 m Cora Leona Boyce - 4 children
>	Infant Daughter McNeill b 1892 d 1892 died at birth
>	Ellen Kathleen McNeill b 1894 d 1896
>	Marvin Geddis McNeill  b 1898 d 1899
>Thomas McNeill, Jr b 10/22/1850 Abbeville Dist,d 7/10/1919 m abt 1874
>Frances Ellen Walker 	3 children;
>	Lillian A McNeill b 1876 d 1883
>	Robert Pierce McNeill b 1878 d 1915 m Ada H Penny 5 children
>	Elizabeth Leola McNeill b 1883 d ? m Robert Bruce
>Thomas McNeill Jr m abt 1893 Sarah A Keown Knox, widow of Edward Newton
>Knox 1 child;
>	Ada J McNeill b 1894 d ?  m Alexander Kelly
>Mary J McNeill b 5/1853 Abbeville Dist d 12/1939 Abbeville, not officially
>married, but had 2 children.
>	John L McNeill b 4 1882 d ??
>	Calvin Neal McNeill b 8/20/1884 d 2/4/1961 b Odessa Perry Golding 2 children
>Nancy McNeill b abt 1855 Abbeville Dist No further info
>Ann Elise McNeill b abt 1859 Abbeville Dist no further info
>James Henry McNeill b 11/18/1860 Abbeville Dist, m 12/21/1868 Irene
>Thompson Woodhurst, 8 children, died 10/26/1940
>	Fred Oscar McNeill
>	Susan Estelle McNeill
>	Annie Rebecca McNeill
>	Sarah Irene McNeill
>	James Allen McNeill
>	Margaret Elise McNeill
>	Frances Mildred McNeill
>	William Robert McNeill
>John Henry McNeill b abt 1864 Abbeville Dist d abt 1872 Abbeville
>William Campbell McNeill b 11/16/1866 Abbeville Dist, d 2/9/1938 m abt 1885
>Eunice Ellender Wilson, 7 children.
>	John Henry McNeill
>	Charles Ford McNeill, Sr
>	William David McNeill, Sr
>	Robert Neuffer McNeill, Sr
>	James Joseph McNeill, Sr
>	George Wallace McNeill, I
>	Lowry Wilson McNeill, SR
>John McNeill b abt 1846 Ireland - no further information
>William Campbell McNeill b 10/10/1848 Ireland, d 11/15/1922 m 4/16/1874
>		Isabella Crawford Knox - 5 children.  m 12/21/1884 Fannie D
>		Palmer - 5 children.
>Andrew McNeill b abt 1849 Ireland - No further info at this time
>Mary McNeill b abt 1851 Abbeville, SC - no further info at this time
Robert Roberts
401 Redwood St.
Birmingham, Al.

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